I got nothin’ people. I’m tapped. A dried out husk of a person. I feel like Nosferatu, drained of blood, and ready to blow away. Between the no money, the no job, the kids, the accident, the insurance companies, the husband, the bird, the obligations, the callings, the new ward, the horrible  news every time I turn on the tv, the things I keep forgetting to do… I’m just…numb.

So, I’m shuttering up for the weekend. Hopefully Monday will be better. You know when you’re looking forward to Monday, things are in sorry shape.

9 thoughts on “Drought

  1. Praying for moisture to end your drought. It’s no fun being parched. Wish something in life was going easily for you. Seems life never works that way…

    I know you know there are many who struggle, but does it help a little to know that you aren’t alone with drowning in stress and wondering how one can drown when there’s a drought?? I just keep pushing back the panic and take one step, one breath at a time. Someday it will get easier. My problem is that I want someday to be yesterday…

    Hang in there!

  2. Tracy, honestly that sounds like a horrible state to be in. Dried up cornhusk? Not good.

    Sending as much positive energy as my soul can give. Love you Tracy!

  3. It’s Monday. I’m waiting to hear that the sunshine turned on for you. Please. Please tell me it did.

    Or rather not, I guess if you’re a dried up cornhusk you don’t want sun. But I’m thinkin’ its all snowy and wintery and a wonderfully sunny day can do wonders at this time of the winter doldrums.

    Whatever form mercy and sweet relief come in I hope it finds you.

  4. Dried up cornhusks make some beautiful dolls.

    I’m not really sure how that could possibly be applicable to your situation. I’m sure somebody somewhere could turn it into a meaningful metaphor.

    It’s raining here right now, more than I’ve ever seen it rain in February in this part of Arizona ever before. Hard, heavy rain that’s been coming down for hours. Hopefully you’ll get some lovely rain like this soon.

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