Pickle Brine

Is there some sort of deficiency that would make a person crave and yearn for pickle brine, lemons, salt and other sour things? And no, before you jump to any far flung conclusions, I am quantitatively NOT pregnant.  And yet, I can’t leave the pickles alone. Salt and vinegar potato chips are manna from heaven, and I crave lemon with a passion. To be clear, we are not talking about yellow, ucky cooked pickle juice- no, for me it’s the briney, half-sour stuff. Bubbies, to be exact.

Does anyone else crave pickle juice and lemons?

25 thoughts on “Pickle Brine

  1. I used to love it when the pickles were all gone when I was a kid and I would drink the pickle juice. I would put it in a glass and drink it. Sometimes I would even throw out the last pickle for fear someone would get to the juice before me. Now that I look back, I doubt there was a line for it.

  2. We used to love to watch one of our young daughters suck on a lemon or pickle or other sour something. She would put it in her mouth, pull it out with an incredible pucker to her entire face, look at it for a second when the taste wore off, then put it right back in and repeat the entire process – over and over and over. It was cheap entertainment.

    Poor kid.

  3. My 2 year old boy likes the sour. He asked for a lime the other day so I gave him one (it was cheeks meeting in the middle sour) and he put the wedge in, gave it a chomp and then looked at me and said, “Good”. He does like pickles but I haven’t given him the pickle juice.

  4. My aunt’s family has the funniest tradition. On each child’s first birthday, they put a wig on their head, give them a pickle to taste, and take a picture of their response. Makes for some interesting pictures!

    While my hubby will sit in the evenings with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, I will sit with a jar of pickles and a fork. My daughter yearns to drink every last drop of the pickle juice. I usually let her have a little – Do ya think it is too much salt load for a little one?

  5. My parents wouldn’t let me drink the pickle juice, they said it would give me the runs and tossed it out the second the last pickle was gone. So mean. Those Bubbies really are some of the best pickles I’ve ever had, and the brine is really good. I think you’re completely justified.

  6. I was about to say you were out of your mind until I started thinking about when I was a kid a drinking the lemon juice straight from the bottle. I haven’t sucked on a lemon in a long time. But I add it to a lot of things that others don’t. I ask for a wedge of lemon with my sprite or add lemon juice to it at home. I add LOTS of lemon to my berry cobbler. And the more tart my lemon-ade is the better. I’m the only one in my family that likes grapefruit juice (I did drink more of that when I was pregnant but you ruled that out).

    Pickles on the other hand…. I have to REAaallly be in the mood for. And I haven’t ever had a desire to drink the juice.

  7. My little sister doesn’t like pickles. However, she loves the smell of pickles. She has on occasion made various relatives eat pickles in front of her so she can sit there and smell them.

    Compared to that, I think you’re pretty normal. Though personally, I crave sugar much, much more than sour or salty or acidic (except for lemons, can’t help but love a good sour lemonade or lemon dessert of most any sort).

  8. Add me to your loves-pickle-juice-and-other-sour-things roll. (A bowl of chocolate chips on my counter lasts until they’re gray with age — there’s such a hoary-hued bowl there now I’m thinking of tossing just so I can have the use of the bowl again. A bottle of pickles is gone in a weekend.)

  9. I agree TOTALLY. I can’t get enough of eating lemons, drinking pickle juice – and especially greek pepperoncini juice (after eating the peppers of course!). I crave vinegar — and salt and vinegar chips are to die for! I pucker up when I eat strawberries and apples, but absolutely love lemons, pepperoncini peppers, grapefruit and vinegar. I know I’m weird, but I’m finding out I’m not the only one out there!!

    • I LOVE drinking pickle juice, pepperoncini juice, olive juice and even….jalapeno juice. I eat all of these things straight out of the jar too. I crave this stuff all the time. Glad to know I am not as wierd as people say I am ;o)

      • i also everytime I open the frigde I can’t help myself I have to drink what ever sour vinegary juice is in there. (pickle, pepperocini, olive, jalapeno, and even the pickled veggies juice) Why do I feel that I have to do this?

  10. I can’t get enough pickle juice I was our searched the fridge and found jalepeno juice now I’m addicted both 1st I thought I must have some kind of deficiency but couldn’t find one on the web guess I’m ok!?!

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