Seasons a Changin’

It may not be visible yet, but spring is absolutley under the snow. It’s in the sunlight and on the cold late winter wind. Just like you can smell fall coming in August, you can smell spring coming now. It’s a hint of warmth as the wind whips the trees, it’s rosy glow as the sunlight peeks in the window, however breifly. The squirrels and robins know it, as they poke around my backyard, looking for nuts and fat worms. It’s there…

And my fingers are itching. I’m suddenly finding myself wanting to paint the kitchen, rip out the countertops, buy a new faucet, sand the porch, slipcover the sofa and sew some bright and perky new stuff. I may not be able to see spring yet, but my inner artsy-fartsy chick can sure feel it coming.

If only we had a job…

I’m trying to figure out what I can do that doesn’t cost hardly anything. Painting the kitchen is at the top of my list- I can scrape up enough to buy a gallon or two of some paint, and that packs the biggest bang for the investment.

* * * * * * *

I just wasted about 17 minutes looking for an old picture of our kitchen so I could make fun of myself and then post what my plan is to make it awesome. Now it’s not funny, and I’m mad at the computer and two out of three kids are now whining and pestering me for dinner. Sheesh. You’d think I was a parent or something.

Oh well. Better luck next time.

4 thoughts on “Seasons a Changin’

  1. I have that creative bug you do. My body isn’t cooperating nor my pocketbook. I’ll just have to watch out the window as mother nature changes her decor.

  2. You have more creative energy than anyone. We aren’t QUITE feeling spring yet b/c of all the rain (and i haven’t smelled the Jasmine yet… I need to plant some!!)…

  3. OH Yeah, Bek, rub it in my face that you can grow Jasmine… Oh, how I miss the Jasmine!! And you! I missed you! Did you get that from my comment yesterday??

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