Stepping off the Ledge

I just did something really scary. I sent away for a registration packet for a trade-show for the industry I’ve been dabbling in for a few years. It’s scary because, well, what if it works? I’m not going to talk more about it for now, but I just wanted a record of when I did this. So there it is.

Can you tell I’ve been playing with code? Not very good at it yet- and I cannot for the life of me get the big words to go away on the header. I made an entirely new header, but it looks like crap with the big ugly font over the top…

11 thoughts on “Stepping off the Ledge

  1. Good luck with the registration to the trade show! And have fun working with the code…I feel like I should write that as “the code” for some reason!

  2. Go for it! You can not succeed without trying something new and scary. Truthfully, you could be assuming the bubbles in the tummy are scared bubbles, when really they are bubbles bursting with excitement! Positive, positive, positive 🙂

  3. Congrats on the trade show. 🙂

    By the “big words” are you just referring to the pale “Dandelion Mama” that’s the biggest in the header? If so, I think it’s just the ‘div id=”title”‘ tag and content you want to look for and remove. Right now it has a link from the words to your main page, so it would be possible to have an image do that link for you instead of the text. But then that’s what a “home” link is for too!

  4. Exciting! Can’t wait for more details.

    I don’t even know where my code is let alone how to mess with it.

  5. There’s one phrase in your post that leads me to believe you’ll be successful in this venture of yours:

    It’s scary because, well, what if it works?

    Most people are far too concerned over what will happen if it “doesn’t” work and spend a lot of needless energy fulfilling that worry.

    Best of luck, dear Mama. Godspeed on your effort to joining the ranks of the dirty rotten stinking filthy rich capitalists. Lord knows we need more of ’em!

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