Making Stuff: Beanie’s Apron

beanies apron     p3070058

Beanie was feeling left-out today as Jeffrey and his dad broke out the Chemistry set. So to waylay the tears, I took Bean down to my sewing room, and told him I would make him whatever he wanted. He wanted an apron. He chose the fabrics, the color, the style and the trim. He liked the main fabric because “Rockets make it for a boy, mom!” Just nevermind the rest of it. I’m so glad my husband doesn’t care about nonsensical things like a boy in a pink blanket sleeper with a ruffled apron. In our house, that’s just normal.

Life snapshot: Right this moment, Jeffrey is watching a History Channel show about UFO’s, Abby is in the wingchair flipping through a magazine- (it happens to be American Rifleman) and Benie is still wearing the above outfit, and wrestling with his dad on the couch. We had hamburgers and tater-tots with homemade ketchup for dinner.

9 thoughts on “Making Stuff: Beanie’s Apron

  1. I bet Beanie thinks that Jeffrey should be the one feeling left out now! What a fun smile!

    But you left out one aspect of your life snapshot: “And I am sitting at the computer writing a blog post.” That makes your day complete!

  2. I love it, Tracy! He would fit in well here, with Jacob and his purple boa and large sapphire ring. 🙂 You just have to love those kids, don’t you?

  3. You and my grandmother would have gotten along just fine. Mom told me how her little brother begged and begged for a pink shirt when he was in elementary school — this was have been around 1930 when boys just did not wear pink, ever, under any circumstance. Grandma made it for him, and he loved and wore it to rags. Neither Grandma nor Uncle Mel paid any attention to anything anybody else said. He was happy, so she was happy.

    You’re a great mom. Do you teach him to cook, too?

  4. Thank you Arids. I would have loved your granmother. Yes, I teach him to cook! All my kids learn to cook- and they all learn to sew and knit, too. The boys LOVE to knit.

  5. Great happenings at your house. If you teach him the Dutch Apple pancake too I’m signing my daughter up for a blind date right now!

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