Introducing Ernie

ernieMy husband is nuts. He’s lost it. Remember Stella? Turns out Stella is a boy, and David just calls him Birdie now. He also carries him around the house in his cage, has him hand-tamed so all the kids can hold Birdie on their shoulders and cuts up fresh fruit and veggies for him every morning. 

Two days ago, I sent him to the post office, and he came home with another bird. The pet store is right across the street from the post office, and he strongly felt Stella-Birdie needed a friend.  Thus enters Ernie.

Ernie is a baby parakeet, she is lovey and sweet and doesn’t bite or peck at anyone, and as I write, David is heckling me for putting up a fake picture of his new Birdie. He’s eating a banana and teasing me, suggesting this cute illustration (which looks a ton like Ernie) is tantamount of putting up some random picture of a redheaded kid and calling it my son. I laughed at him. What say you, mamas?

He’s mumbling something now about needing a dog. I’m scared. There’s a cardboard sign down at the corner from someone selling puppies. Great Dane puppies…

I’m not letting him leave the house.

15 thoughts on “Introducing Ernie

  1. I say a fake picture of a bird is fine. I say DO NOT get a Great Dane. Not only are they HUGE, but they have a relatively short life span for dogs. (most don’t get past 8, unless you know a breeder specifically with a history of longevity) So, unless that’s a plus for you…..They are sweet, though.

    They are known as the German Mastiff….wikipedia just told me.

    Still, don’t get one. You know, unless you want.

  2. I’ve had four English Mastiffs over the years, and yes, their lifespan is tragically short. They all died around 8. Not long enough for a family pet.

    This time I’m thinking Beagle. It had to be able to fit through the pet door, it has to have SHORT hair, and it has to be a nice family friendly dog, but not be as insanely active as a Jack Russell.

  3. Welcome to Ernie! Love your new style and look here. I have been lost in space for a while – hope to join you all here more often and soon.

  4. How are you still logged into my account?? It’s been since January!

    Yeah, two birds. He took a shower with them today. He doesn’t just need a hobby, he needs school to start!

    I picked out “Beagle” because when I read about them, the seem like a perfect dog for us. Smaller, but no kick-dog small, super short hair, smart, but not Border Collie smart, and great with families. I worry that a lab is just bigger than I want to deal with now days. That said, there’s nothing on earth cuter than a lab puppy…

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