Unusual Coveting: Regency Wall Clock


For the most part, my home is decorated in whimsical, boho antique yard sale chic. Seldom do I purchase anything new, preferring instead to thrift, craft, play find-it-at-a-tag-sale, make do, or make it myself. For the most part this works for me.

I also try and avoid general style trends (which is easy when you’re vintage-ing it) I have avoided many pitfalls it opting for classic. I’ve even avoided, like the plague, the giant wall clock trend. Until this morning.

Well, I suppose I’m still avoiding it, since I have no money, but my heart fell to my tummy when I was flipping through a Ballard Design catalog and saw this clock. The color, the patina, the gears, the rust,  the modest size, the…the… *sigh* it’s just lovely.

I’m trying to figure out how to make it myself. I know painting the face would be easy, but the gears? Forget it. The workings? I’ve already checked the craft stores, and they have no clock parts bigger than a standard clock.

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Em started a second blog, and if you have second to pop by and look at the prettiness, do it. It’s about pretty things she finds. What a lovely idea.

7 thoughts on “Unusual Coveting: Regency Wall Clock

  1. Ballard Desgin gives me consumer envy. I want it all (except the weird zebra print stuff they do in there… not my thing)….

    My favorite part was she you said painting the face would be the easy part. Yeah, for YOU…for the rest of us humans, that would be the hardest part.

    Do you guys at least have good weather??? Hope so.

  2. Last year at the Super Saturday craft day over at “my” ward, we made clocks like this one only more decal type. We use patina and such and they really did come out beautiful. I, too, am desperately trying to avoid the oversized wall clock fad, but it draws me in everytime I pass one by. Anyhow, they gave us huge hands for the clock and I don’t think anyone mae them by hand, so I called my neighbor and she is going to do some checking into it. I will let you know, but you can so do this!!!!

  3. Have you ever been to an architectural (sp?) salvage store? They have all kinds of great stuff!! I bet you could find gears and wheels and more great patina’d and rusted out stuff than you could handle. Old crystal doorknobs, vintage house numbers, banisters… Oh, I’m about to drool. Take hubby with you, who knows what you might have to move out of your way to find the pot of gold.

    Post pictures when you’ve finished the masterpiece!

  4. Watch gears, probably smaller than what you’re looking for, but pretty cheap, can be found here: http://www.skybluepink.com/products4.html. The only idea I’ve got on the workings, etc, would be to buy a normal sized clock working, and replace the hands on it with new larger ones (you could probably make some hands, even, out of cut out, painted, and sealed cardboard if you can’t find any).

  5. Random thought:
    Have you ever noticed most clocks such as this one depict the number 4 as IIII and not the usual roman numeral IV?

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