Spring Break: Day One

It rained most of the day.

Bean completely broke my camera by turning it on and repeatedly shoving the lens back in with his glommy fingers. He liked the sound it made. Or so he says.

The fighting and bickering is almost constant.

Bean had a nuclear melt-down at bedtime, regressing about a year to just shreiking and keening for a good, long hour. I could not snap him out of it, and don’t know what caused it. Today he is playing with a batch of Play Doh I just made, and seems calmer.

It is still raining.

Sanity is edgy, at best.

4 thoughts on “Spring Break: Day One

  1. Your spring break day one sounds quite a bit like mine. Except mine didn’t include a broken camera and the kids’ meltdowns weren’t quite nuclear.

    It did, however, include kids interrupting my sleep to the point that I finally yelled at them, “I just worked a 12 hour shift and need to work another 12 hour shift in 7 hours. LET ME SLEEP! Take a message when someone calls for me and let someone else help you!” As I have 6 kids and DH was home, they didn’t really need ME to do it all! (They got my attention after I woke up late afternoon today.)

    Parenthood. And kids think they have it bad… lol

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