Spring Break: Day Two

The plan was to fix up the bikes today, pump the tires, repair anything that needed repairs- get ’em ready for nice spring riding. Instead, we had a deluge of hail. Big, big marble-sized hail that went on and 0n. Then, on top of the hail, an electrical storm, with giant thunder and cracks of lightning splitting the sky. Our yard looked like someone opened a bean bag chair and poured the little balls everywhere.

I took Bean to the pet store for a Bean-Mama date. He needed something, and I was willing to stomach the smells of the reptile barn if it would make him happy. We were there when the skies opened started spewing the icy marbles. We got pelted on the way to the car.  Hail that big hurts.

Abby got hold of a marker and colored on her tummy this time. I had a slew of photos from her wall-art around the house, but seeing as how I don’t have a camera anymore… well, you just have to take my word for it…

Bright and shiny spot? My piano teacher said I am moving along quickly and that I’m so motivated to learn she is giving me more to practice. I love practicing. It’s therapeutic and relaxing, as long as the kids aren’t beating the keyboard at the same time.

There are buds on my lilacs. And hope springs eternal…

4 thoughts on “Spring Break: Day Two

  1. LOL, guess Abby is getting into body too!
    Have you thought about getting a low maintenance pet for Bean?
    Maybe a beta fish? Pet therapy is awesome and promotes calming and relaxation. Just a thought.
    Hope spring breaks gets better for ya. Ours starts Friday….

  2. YAY for the glim of positive hope 🙂 We had a hail experience like yours except we were camping and it was the precursor to a tornado. Justin won’t go outside in any wind now and I have a scar on my back from the hail that pelted me as my children cowered underneath me. Positive that I protected my children, highly negative that my butt is big enough to cover all my children.

    Keep the hope and the positive flowing…it helps even if it is not all real!

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