One of These Things is Not Like the Other


Or: Sizing Problems in Children’s Clothing at TARGET

This picture has not been altered. Both items of clothing were smooth and spread out, and nothing is folded or tucked in any way. The waistbands are even at the top left edge.

Yesterday, on a quick run to Target to pick up more Children’s Tylenol (because Jeff has the bug now) I walked through the kids department. They had shorts for $4 each- so I stopped to look at them. Do you see what I see?

I snapped the pic with my cell, so sorry it sucks, but I think you can still see what I’m talking about. Those shorts were both in the little kids department, on adjacent racks. Both are Circo brand, by Target, both cost $4 each, and both are children’s size 5T.


Let’s see. One pair is a decent pair of shorts for a reasonable price. One pair is designed to make my daughter’s toddler butt hang out. One pair is roomy and great for playing. One pair is great for toddler pole dancing class. One pair is sturdy cotton, able to hold up to dirt and well, play. One pair is flimsy thin knit, perhaps because they are meant to be worn with fishnet stockings. One pair is cut loose and comfortable, one pair is cut skin tight and might actually show girly bits.

Target? Circo designers? Get with the freaking program! What the crap is this garbage? What’s the take-home lesson for my kids? Boys get to play, girls are objects from the get-go? Boys get to be comfy and girls get to be skintight?

The more I think about this, the more I get pissed off.

My daughter is a little girl. She will be three next month. I could not squeeze her diaper-clad butt into those size 5 shorts. She is a girl who wants to play in the mud and run around the backyard with her brothers- and she really ought to be able to do those things without her behind showing- or worse.

Does this seem unreasonable? Does this bother you, too? If it does, let Target know. While Target is notoriously bad with with customer service, and they do not allow feedback on their website, you can contact them at the Target Store Merchandise link.

Sick Girl

I have a sick girl. And with the advent of her feeling poorly, I realized she really hasn’t been sick hardly at all. The boys and David get tummy crud all the time, but not me and Abby. Don’t know what that’s about, but I DO feel I used up several lifetimes of barf quota in my pregnancies. Anyway…

We came home early from church. Since then, she’s laid around watching Sprout, took three naps and moans a lot. Poor baby. She’s tossed her cookies twice, and I had to practically sit on her to get some Tylenol down. She’s asleep, but fitfully. It’s going to be a long night for both of us. She isn’t interested in Dad at all.

Crossing all fingers and toes that no one else gets it. Please… pleasepleaseplease….

Introducing Ernie

ernieMy husband is nuts. He’s lost it. Remember Stella? Turns out Stella is a boy, and David just calls him Birdie now. He also carries him around the house in his cage, has him hand-tamed so all the kids can hold Birdie on their shoulders and cuts up fresh fruit and veggies for him every morning. 

Two days ago, I sent him to the post office, and he came home with another bird. The pet store is right across the street from the post office, and he strongly felt Stella-Birdie needed a friend.  Thus enters Ernie.

Ernie is a baby parakeet, she is lovey and sweet and doesn’t bite or peck at anyone, and as I write, David is heckling me for putting up a fake picture of his new Birdie. He’s eating a banana and teasing me, suggesting this cute illustration (which looks a ton like Ernie) is tantamount of putting up some random picture of a redheaded kid and calling it my son. I laughed at him. What say you, mamas?

He’s mumbling something now about needing a dog. I’m scared. There’s a cardboard sign down at the corner from someone selling puppies. Great Dane puppies…

I’m not letting him leave the house.

Bakin’ a Cake

A day or two ago was David’s birthday. It was my Mom’s birthday as well, and since she was in Disneyland, our only option was to bake a cake and celebrate ourselves. Originally, I was going to try and make a really nice cake. A cake with smooth icing, piped edges, pretty script and some buttercream roses. Then the kids decided they really wanted to help me. And here are the results:



Evidently, David is 613, and really, super likes yellow sugar crystals.


David says it was the best birthday he can remember. Me too.

In the Night Kitchen

1:40 a.m. What is it about nighttime that makes all the demons come home to roost? I’ve been lying in bed for more than two hours, tossing, turning, flopping, listening to David snore, and flipping the pillow in search of a cool spot. There is a cloud of tormenting demons swirling around over my bed. As they swirl and swoop, they whisper in my ears all the things I worry on, and can do nothing about in the middle of the night. Whisper… murmur… whisper… hiss…

My mother’s birthday present is sitting on my sewing table, and her birthday was yesterday. I’m a bad daughter. The mortgage is payed for March, but what will we do for April? Fifteen months without a job- will one ever come? What if I die before my children are grown? Will their step-mother be kind to them and love them even close to as much as I do? Do I have enough designs to give a solo career a try? What if I bomb? My head hurts. I need to go to the doctor, but we have no insurance.  I forgot to send thank-you notes to some people from Christmas, and now it’s so late, they probably hate me. I’m a bad friend. I need to buy milk tomorrow. Stupid snow. How many painting are in the queue? Four or five? And then the two for Primary? I’m so behind. I wonder when our car will be done at the shop and I can return the Dodge Turd? My teeth hurt and I need a dentist appointment. I wonder if my teeth hurt because I have some weird disease and I’m going to die and my children won’t even remember me?! I’m cold. Did I tuck the kids in tight enough? I wonder if they’re cold, too. Did I turn the iron off downstairs? What if the house burns down. Did I fill out that permission slip for Jeffrey? What am I going to decorate the table with for the RS dinner next week? And how am I going to do that with everything else I’ve got up in the air? Did Jeffrey do his homework tonight? I think I left laundry in the washer. Where are my keys? I’m so behind on everything, I’m never going to catch up…

And on and on and on it goes…

Making Stuff: Beanie’s Apron

beanies apron     p3070058

Beanie was feeling left-out today as Jeffrey and his dad broke out the Chemistry set. So to waylay the tears, I took Bean down to my sewing room, and told him I would make him whatever he wanted. He wanted an apron. He chose the fabrics, the color, the style and the trim. He liked the main fabric because “Rockets make it for a boy, mom!” Just nevermind the rest of it. I’m so glad my husband doesn’t care about nonsensical things like a boy in a pink blanket sleeper with a ruffled apron. In our house, that’s just normal.

Life snapshot: Right this moment, Jeffrey is watching a History Channel show about UFO’s, Abby is in the wingchair flipping through a magazine- (it happens to be American Rifleman) and Benie is still wearing the above outfit, and wrestling with his dad on the couch. We had hamburgers and tater-tots with homemade ketchup for dinner.