5 thoughts on “Spring Break: Day Four

  1. LOL, you poor thing. Its been chilly down here, like mid 60’s and windy. Feel better? I didn’t think so.

  2. How can you NOT love the snow? I can’t get over it. They just said our storm may shift and we get nothing!…again!!! Arggghhhh… If I wanted to have monotonous warm weather I would have stayed in CA! Just know that while you are complaining there are those of us who are very very jealous!….and go read “let it snow” by Holly Hobbie (toot and puddle) It will make you smile!

  3. I like the snow just fine, B. IN WINTER. It. is. April. Now, I do not like the snow. I do not like it with the clouds, I do not like it very LOUD. I do like snow, B, I say. I do not LIKE it, it’s SPRING BREAK!

  4. That is so not cool. I’d say “hang in there” but what I really want you to do is Ditch the kids and have an ultra wonderful Girls Night.

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