Random Crap: Sunshine Edition

Seems like lately, my whole life is random crap. There’s not a lot of synergy or completeness coming my way… Much like that sentence.

There’s a reason the international symbol for Autism is a puzzle piece. Daily I have to rethink and regroup how we deal with Bean. Sometimes it’s exhausting. Like yesterday. I met with his “team”- which consists of three teachers, a psychologist, an OT and a PT, as well as a resource specialist and a supervisor from the school district. All of these people, trying to figure out one. small. boy. He’ll be continuing on in the AIM program for kindergarten, as well as the six-week AIM summer program.  They know Spectrum kids can’t survive the free-fall of summer. Safety net in place. Check.

Four straight days of sunshine! I hesitate to state it, but I think spring might actually be here. Now, I want to be held to it if it snows tomorrow, okay? Get ready to be shocked- I’ve actually been doing some yardwork. Three benedryl seems to do the trick, and if I avoid the rose bushes, it helps too. Granted, I pass out from the drugs after about half an hour, but still, it’s progress! And shhhhhh…. but I may, may even like yardwork  just a tiny bit. Now SHHHHHH!

All three of my fat-headed kids outgrew their bike helmets. ALL THREE! Abby can’t even get Bean’s on- She’s like Dora. Football head. So, I have to figure out how to get three new helmets…

I found my favorite water bottle in the back of the burb! I find I drink a whole lot more water if I haul a bottle around with me all day. Whatever…

I’m thinking of planting tomatoes this year. I haven’t since Bean picked every. single. green. tomato. on the vine and planted them all. It took me a while to figure out what was going on there… He thought more tomato plants would grow.

It’s almost garage sale season! I’ve been saving my pennies and have a small stash of cash squirrelled away- I can hardly wait. I get all tingly inside when I think about it.

Got the car smogged and registered today. Credit cards rock. Sigh… Had fun explaining to Jeffrey what the guy was doing while he molested our car, took my money, and gave me a valuable little sticker back. Fun.

Speaking of Jeff, he read over 300 minutes last month and got a free pizza at Pizza Hut. It was such a rare treat around here that he ate it in the car so he wouldn’t have to share. Meh, he earned it, and Abby would have pestered him to pieces.

Abby has seventeen days till the diapers are done. I solemnly swear, the diapers in this this house are the last pack she gets. Her third birthday (I KNOW!) is on the 25th, and that’s P-Day. I have a feeling I’m going to be cleaning up a lot of pee…

Life is so much happier now that Bean can swing. I can see him out the window as I type, pumping his little legs as hard as they’ll go, peacefully swinging towards the sky and back again. The other night I laid in bed trying to figure out how to make an indoor swing. I think I can do it…

David just got home from the post office- and walked in with another bird. You read that right. That makes three. My husband is insane. At least it’s not a puppy, right? Right? Right…

13 thoughts on “Random Crap: Sunshine Edition

  1. Aahhhh, sunshine can do wonders! Just make sure you have the sunscreen close at hand! I’m glad you found a summer program for Bean. And I wish I had garage sale skillz like you, can’t wait to hear about all the great finds!

  2. just a thing about the benadryl….. my mom had to take it for an allergic reaction, and the dr. in the ER told her that she could take Pepcid AC (just the basic one, not the complete or anything), with Zyrtec and that has the same effect as benadryl without the drowsiness. I would ask your pharmacist if that could work for allergies too.

    Love the blog, can’t wait to hear about garage sales.

    And today is the first day of our spring break, and because of your flat stanley project, we already have our project finished that is due our first day back! Thanks!

  3. I am basking in your sunshine! Soooo happy for your little slice of happy – the six weeks of summer structure for bean, swings, some small joy in work, a pizza to yourself (kid heaven), and garage sale pennies. The joys of life can be found in the small things. I try to hold on to them with white knuckles these days. Carpe Diem!

  4. All I can say is after the potty training is over, like two days after you feel Abby is potty trained, it is miraculous how you forget about changing diapers a what a pain it is. And it gives you so much wonderfulness and freedom. I am so excited for you to get to this stage. It’s a bigger difference than you are expecting. YAY for good moments!

  5. OMG–you are hilarious! Stumbled upon your blog via C Jane. First of all, great title to your post! Second, LOVE the “fat-headed kids” comment! And on and on…you are very funny! I’ll visit again!

  6. Thanks Marci! I get called a lot of things, but funny is not usually near the top of the list! That makes my day.

    B, I can’t wait to feel that freedom!

    Jendoop, hold on with white knuckles indeed. Hang in there you too!

    3boys- I’ll have to try that for my allergies. Thanks for the heads-up~

    JS-Sunshine does wonders, that’s for sure. Maybe the primary songs actually know what they’re talking about!

  7. My “baby” turns 3 on the 24th and we’re deep in potty training woes. I’ve never had an un-potty-trained 3yo but it appears I’m on the brink.

    My kids get to eat their free little pizzas in the car too, for the same reasons.

    More power to you on keepin’on figuring out those puzzle pieces. 🙂

  8. Seems there are a lot of us hanging on with white knuckles. I sure hope that giving us a small pat on the back for making it thus far won’t knock us all off balance and make us lose our grip… {cautious pat on the back}

    Hooray for sunshine and little joys!!

  9. My parents have just pulled into Temple Square. They are taking lots of pics for me since I won’t be making it out there this summer as planned.

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