Haircuts and Fat Heads

vtech-kidzoom-camera-review1This not having a camera business is really getting old. Courtesy of a sweet friend’s kindness, all the three of my fat-headed kids got new bike helmets this weekend, as well as haircuts. AND I CAN”T EVEN SHOW THEM OFF.

Nor do I have any pictures of Easter morning, with the mayhem and devastation that three children and five pounds of sugar can wreak. Maybe that’s a tender mercy after all…

The boys got their same old haircuts, but Abby got her first big-girl cut. I’ve trimmed her bangs and home before, and when she was little and had this odd little tail thingy, I cut that off- but this was the real deal. And I have no pictures. I may commandeer Beanie’s kid-pix camera. That would be cool, eh? She looks like a little vintage girl, with short bangs and a cute chin-length bob. It makes me want to squeeze her and plant zerbles on her fat pink cheeks. Wish you could see it…

David is on a job interview. Shhhhhhhh.

4 thoughts on “Haircuts and Fat Heads

  1. After a description like that I HAVE to see this haircut. Beg, borrow, or steal a camera.

    Still praying for you every day.

  2. Even if you found someone with a camera phone, that would be better than no picture! I’m sure it’s cute! Sending good vibes your way!

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