Pretty Little Things

In the middle of the chaos that is life, I’ve found much delight and enchantment in this little place- Papier Valise. If you like to make things and want to be inspired by random trinkets, head over there… most things are inexpensive, they take PayPal and the prices are all in Canadian dollars, so it’s even less than it at first seems…

mi1328_springgreen_crystal_pins    pa1653_vintage_pharmacy_assort

My very favorite color in the world is the glass heads of those pins. And who can resist a vintage label? Not me. I spent less than $2 and bought what you see above. Happiness costs so very little… and I get to look for the mail lady now!

3 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things

  1. Sweet! So what’d you get me?
    There’s a new paper flower store in the downtown mall. I only saw the poster while walking through, but they looked gorgeous and made me think of you.
    Because you’re gorgeous. And made of paper…

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