Innaugural Garage Sale Haul for 2009

Somewhere I read something about only surrounding yourself with things you love. I do a pretty good job already- my house is full of things with stories- like, almost everything has a story. But… I do have a propensity to stuff things in closets and drawers. So today, gleeful at the idea of nice weather and yard sales peppering the valley, I was determined to only buy things I really, really liked. And I had a place for. Ah, that changes the equation, doesn’t it? Mm-hmmm.

First I hit an estate sale. I have mixed feelings, I think I’ve written about, on estate sales. I suppose it has to happen. There are good ways of doing it (sort and cull beforehand, please) and bad ways doing it (opening the house up with grandpas jammies still on the back of the bathroom door). I saw both today. I bought nothing at either one.

What I did get:

  • Vintage linens with some of the finest applique work I’ve ever seen. Small table runner, two holiday tea towels, and a hemstitched linen scarf. $1 for the whole lot.
  • A cream-ware gravy boat. $1.
  • A pile, pile, of old maps from the 1960’s. So cool. 10 cents for the whole pile.
  • An old picture frame. I’ve got a photo of my grandma I think will be perfect…
  • A trash can for the boys’ room. $1.
  • A vintage baby book for a boy, dated 1969. 25 cents.
  • A set of six mini-bundt pans. 50 cents for all.

That’s it. I was restrained, and left some things by the wayside. I’m always excited to find linens, and I can’t wait to bake little chocolate cakes with Abby. She was thrilled when she saw them, proclaiming them “For ME!”. I’m thrilled about the maps. They’re way cool. Don’t know what to do with them yet, but I know I’ll think of something.

Total spent: $3.85. Awesome. If I had a camera, I would totally show you. Instead, you just have to use your imagination.

6 thoughts on “Innaugural Garage Sale Haul for 2009

  1. Lucky!! You can decopage the maps onto a cork board and make a bullieten board or on a wall of a small bathroom or mud room (my friend Lisa had covers of the New Yorker magazine all over the walls of her childhood home’s bathroom).

    I need to go check out the sales around here.

  2. If only, if only, you knew someone who likes maps. Wouldn’t that just be perfect?
    There was some good looking stuff on the South Hill on Saturday, but I was so busy driving the wrong direction trying to find Thing 2’s soccer field that I didn’t have the chance to stop 😦

  3. Oh, I didn’t realize you were a linens lover too! We’ll have to compare notes sometime. I’m so far gone that sometimes I’ll put up my ironing board and iron tablecloths that don’t need it just for the fun of taking another close look at the embroidery or lace or fabric or whatever is special about that cloth. My latest find was an absolutely beautiful, unused white damask tablecloth … monogrammed AP. Unbelievable.

  4. No way! That’s the coolest thing ever, Ardis!!

    Yeah, linens make me happy. The crisp, starched ones, the softly worns ones, the tatted and hemstitched ones, the pillowcases that make my heart go pitter-patter… oh, yes. Linnens make me very very happy…

    You really should be my neighbor, Ardis.

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