Now That She’s Three

p1080415Here you can see the little pink gingham dress I made Abby for her birthday- courtesy of Mo’s camera. This not having a camera really sucks. I’ve been making all kinds of stuff, and have nothing to show/document for it…

Miss Abby went to the doctor for her 3 year check up this morning. In giving her the cognitive test,  they sh0wed her a picture of an unfinished stick-man, the object being for her to recognize and name the figure “person” or “man”, despite the missing parts.

She looked at the picture and said “Mama, that’s a friend, and he’s missing his eye. We need to fix him!” She took my pen and added his arm and leg as well as an eye and a belly button,  then declared him “all better!”.

I checked the “Yes” column on that one.

They gave her four shots, and the girl was absolutely crushed that they hurt her. She wept sadly on my shoulder and asked to go home where people would be nice to her.

7 thoughts on “Now That She’s Three

  1. Wow, they did a cognitive test? No doctor ever gave my kid a cognitive test. Now I feel cheated that J never got to make friends with his eyeless stick man.

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