Randomness: Leaky Brain Edition

This is the second week in a row that I’ve forgotten my piano lessons. Frickety Crap! That makes me really mad. I love my piano lessons, and I don’t want my awesome teacher to dump me. Last week I didn’t even remember until Friday. Tonight I was putting the kids to bed when I remembered. My life is just too chaotic. I hate this.

Cleaned out the pantry and the fridge tonight. Eeeew. But it sure looks nice all clean.

Potting training report… Abby: 1 Potty: 0

I’m thinking of painting my Adirondack chairs lime green. I think they would be pretty on my porch with flowers around them. Or maybe not. I’m sure my snobby across-the-street neighbor will hate them. That’s another story for another day.

Does anyone else think that Open Hearts necklace Jane Seymour is pimping for Kay Jewlers looks like a pair of butts?

David got a stake calling tonight.

30 more resumes sent out last week alone.

I have so much to do- I’m afraid to even start a list.

People are so good to us.

I wish we could be good back soon.

I’m sad. And afraid. Please let the unemployment end soon.

20 thoughts on “Randomness: Leaky Brain Edition

  1. I’m sad and afraid, too. But facing some real hope for a change. Prayers for your own change to come soon…

    Call your piano teacher tomorrow. I bet she understands. Can you do a make-up lesson on a different day?

    And I will never be able to see that Jane Seymour-Kay Jewelers commercial again without thinking of a pair of butts instead of hearts… Thanks.

  2. Sorry about your piano lessons. I, too have thought that the Jane Seymour necklace looks like butts. I first thought that it looked like a pear shaped naked woman.

    Hope that there are smiles in your Wednesday.

  3. Thank for the thoughts on the necklaces, I’ll never look at them the same agian. Paint your chairs, and post pictures (when you get a camerea to use) I bet they will look lovely. And put a HUGE sign on your front door, high enough the kids can’t get to it, to remind yourself of your lessons for next week.

  4. I think that necklace looks like boobs and a butt. Either way, it will not be hanging around my neck because it’s just plain ugly!

    Positive spin: I was a violin, viola and piano teacher in my pre-motherhood life. And honestly, as much as I needed the money when I was teaching, the occasional missed lesson was a blessing. It gave me a half-hour gift of time to do something that otherwise wouldn’t have made it onto the task list of a too-busy, overscheduled day.

    So don’t stress about missing your lessons. Congratulate yourself on giving the lovely gift of time to your teacher. Twice.

  5. I’d call and see if she’ll do a make-up lesson. My piano teacher growing up was always willing to, if she had time that week.

  6. I’d paint the chairs the lime green–it might help you smile.
    I thought the same thing about those Jane Seymour hearts! Funny!
    Awesome blog–so real!

  7. I always thought the necklace looked like a snake???

    Do I dare tell you that I made Max go commando for two days and he hasn’t used a diaper since??? Will you still talk to me?? 🙂

    Screw the list and the neighbor!! Do what makes you happy! Or sane!

  8. Have you considered getting a job? If your husband is home anyway – he can watch the kids. Or maybe he should get any type of job that he can – even stocking shelves at Wal-Mart, delivering pizzas, anything!

  9. Once again…

    Yes, I have. However… My husband is home, but he is actively looking for work every day. He is happy to watch the kids any time our family needs that- but expecting him to do so full time would derail his attempts at full time work. I have been out of the workforce for 9 years. It’s not like I have people lining up to hire me.

    Currently, I do have a small home-based business that brings in a few hundred dollars here and there. I am working on making it bigger. It takes time.

    We are not sitting around waiting on a handout, but we DO require a job that will at the very least give us the ability to pay our mortgage. And NO, we have not turned anything except the ONE job that offered 100% commission and NO benefits. Otherwise, there have been no real offers.

    It’s rough out there folks. Bad. If you have a job, be very grateful.

    Sorry for the snippy tone, I’m just tired of people passively suggesting we are not doing enough, or that my husband is not trying hard enough.

    • my husband has only been out of work for 4 months, but i’m already losing my mind. i hate my job and so desperately want to do something else with my life. before he got laid off we were planning to start a family. i was going to quit my full-time job and he was going to become the bread-winner.

      it is still so hard to come to terms with the fact that i’m still stuck doing a job i hate and that the family i was planning for is not an option anymore.

      i know you’ve been enduring your situation much longer, but please know that i understand how hard it is. some days i let the desperation consume me and i don’t know how on earth i will get out of bed. and i’m so sick to death of people suggesting things. anything. just stop suggesting unless you’re offering me a new job! you know?


      i hope you have good days. i hope your husband finds something. i really do. and i’m not going to tell you to keep your chin up and be grateful for what you have! i’m tired of hearing that too.

  10. Hey Tracy! It has been so long, but want you to know that I am continually thinking of you and your family.

    Stay strong, stay creative, you are beyond amazing!

  11. Hope is on the horizon. Baby C has begun to use the potty. We watched a nauseous movie called “Potty Power” that we checked out from the library. The first check-out period she loved the songs and stories, but threw her little potty across the room when ever we suggested that she might want to try it. So back to the library it went. About a month later she asked to watch it again. We checked out the movie again, we got some Dora underwear, and we were in business. She still asks for a diaper now and then, but she’s really liking enjoying big girl status. Anyhow, check to see if anyone’s got the movie. It really helped.

  12. Do you have the light of revelation straight from heaven or something? I knew there was something about that Seymour pendant that just wasn’t right and now I know what. Thanks for illuminating the ugliness for me.

    With your business- please do tell if there is ever anything we can buy. I don’t have hundreds laying around to buy a painting but $20 or $30 I could manage for a little piece of Dandelion Mama to call my own! Bags? Mini paintings? If you can find the time, we’ll buy.

    Good luck with DH’s new calling, ugh?!

    Don’t be scared of your to do list. Write it down, then cross off everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Just get rid of things, it might make your burden a little lighter and give you some breathing room 🙂

  13. Hi, Tracy – just wanted to write a comment and let you know I’m pulling for you and your precious family. I check in here every so often, and I wish there were something I could do to help you through this besides keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things get better for you soon. Real soon. Much love, ECS

  14. Yeah, Little Sister peed NEXT to the potty. Does that count?

    And that Seymour necklace–I saw it, and thought, “Wow, is that supposed to be pretty? I must have awful taste.”

    Your post makes me feel like I’m perhaps not crazy. Well, not completely anyway.

  15. actually it’s boobs and butts. That’s what I told my family when I first saw it. I told everyone, only jane seymor could “design” a necklace using boobs and butts and get away with it. ugh.

    I lke the idea of the lime green adirondack chairs. It’s would look great on a porch with flowers!

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