Garage Sales Today

Meh. They were kind of poopy. Which makes no sense, because it’s a gorgeous day. The only good one was the Sisters Sale that the Farm Chicks blogged about this week. I got a little vintage wooden ironing board for Bean and Abby to fight over, and an old food mill made in Wisconsin that’s sure to bead the pants off icky made-in-China mills available in the stores now. Tomato sauce, here I come. Speaking of which, I guess I’ll pop some Benedryl and go do some yardwork.

Edited: I took my Benedryl, sat down to change my shoes, and promptly fell asleep, then woke an hour later to panic and confusion about what time it was and what the kids were doing… I ran downstairs and they were all happily engaged in playing The Little Mermaid on V-Smile. Tender mercy. Then I saw the rest of the house. Abby had gotten 4 (as near as I could tell) jigsaw puzzles out, Bean had torn the couch apart and made a cushion fort, and Jeffrey found a box of Cheez-Its. Abby had gotten into some bubbles and there was a clear cartoon-worthy slick on my dining room floor. *sigh*

I don’t know what the questions was, but it would appear that Benedryl is not the answer. Either I have safe children and a somewhat clean house, or I have a nice yard… Decisions decisions…

Edited Yet Again: There is now a giant pot of chai simmering on my stove, and all is again right with the world. The house is cleaned up, the boys are off playing Lego, and Abby is sitting on my desk holding paper in front of me saying “You make a paper aaaaaairplaaaaaaane for meeeeeeee?” over and over. If you haven’t tried the chai, do so immediately. It clears a host of wrongs in it’s awesome delishishness. I forgot how very good it is. </end> tooting my own horn/>

5 thoughts on “Garage Sales Today

  1. You were only asleep about an hour… man your kids work fast! But then I guess since there are three of them they can work three times as fast when making messes!

    Enjoy your chai!

  2. I had a Benedryl nap today too! With similar results. More food and dirty laundry combos.

    I can’t wait until I can try the Chai. (Does that rhyme? Try-Chai? Or is it tray-Chai? OK, I’m going to a dictionary.)

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