So picture this (because you have to, because I don’t have a camera. Right? Riiiiight.): Beanie, in his flaming cargo board shorts, paired with a button-down bowling shirt with flames on it. Worn over a cal-trans orange t-shirt. His hair is flaming orange. He dons some red plastic dollar store shades. And. For the cherry on top: Cowboy boots. (Boots I picked up at a the thrift store that are too big, and come to his knees.) This. Is. What. He. Wore. Today.

To school. Yes. I am serious.

There is enough in my life that I have to battle with this boy over- his sense of fashion is not one one of them. Pleased as punch with his matching skills and said “Look Mama! I’m flamin”!”

Why, yes, my dear. So you are.

8 thoughts on “Flamin’

  1. I LUV IT! go Bean! Michael used to walk around dressed like “Lee” from cardcaptors and he loved every minute of it. he also went thru a “Link” (from Zelda)faze, he even had his teachers calling him Link.
    He was never “flamin”, but we used to go fishing alot and once he said he was the master baiter.

  2. Well, atleast he does dress himself! Maybe he’s also trying to make doing the laundry easy for you….everything sounds like it can go in the same load!

  3. You are a saint! I am so impressed that you would not fight over what to wear. You are a great example. Thank you for keeping it real for me.

  4. I don’t see how an actual picture could be any better than the picture I have in my head. That’s fantastic that he finds such joy in creating his ensembles.

  5. I went to high school with a boy (20 years ago) who would have given anything to have that outfit. According to his Facebook pictures, he hasn’t changed much!

  6. YES! That is glorious and beautiful! I love it when children get to be themselves. He’ll be boring in plain Ts and jeans soon enough. My J was like this. I kind of miss it. Except that my V does princess day in and day out, so I still get my share of glitz.

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