Staycation Blues

It looks like I’m not going to get to see my family down in California this summer, and I’m feeling pretty sad. Obviously plane tix are out of the question, and Beanie just cannot handle another 20+ hour drive. Despite any tension with family, I love them terribly much, and the idea of not seeing them makes me really sad. I haven’t told the kids yet- they are used to heading down and seeing family each summer, and I know they’ll be as sad as I am…

Please let things get better soon… Please?

6 thoughts on “Staycation Blues

  1. We aren’t traveling this summer either, and not for the holidays in the winter…not sure when we will get to see family, so I know how sad it is. I hope you find something great this summer to do that will be fun for you to do as a family!

  2. We would sometimes travel by train. Usually it’s as long as a car ride, but you can sleep or walk around. The train we took from Spokane to Portland had a viewing car. I don’t know about Cali or if there are layovers on the way. It’s alot cheaper than a plane and you don’t have to do the driving.
    If that’s not your cup of tea, then maybe you can have family visit you!
    I know things will get better for you, i just wish it were sooner…

  3. that totally SUCKS!!! perhaps there will be some insane fare sale for last minute trips to cali because no one is going… i’ll pray to the $69 roundtrip ticket god for you!

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