Bonk. Bang. Boom.

So, um, yeah. I passed out in church yesterday. Who the heck knows what’s going on. 

I was teaching my class of 13-year-olds and I started to feel a little woozy- so I passed the class to David and excused myself, thinking I would go to the bathroom and just splash some water on my face. When I got in the bathroom, there were a bunch of women in there talking, so I went in a stall and just sat down. Waves of nausea and pain started rolling over me, and before I knew it, I was on the floor.

I came-to lying on the cool tile, with three ladies and my husband standing over me, all looking very, very worried. One of the ladies is a friend of mine and RNCP. She took my pulse and checked me out, got me some water and made me lie down under a blanket until my color started to come back. She checked me out, and told David to take me home and make me lie down the rest of the day, and advised I get myself checked out today.

She thinks I may have a concussion from Nauvoo, when I fell down the stairs. I did hit my head pretty dang hard, and I did see stars for quite a while when I fell. It’s been more than a week though- she said it doesn’t matter, concussions can be that way. 

So, there it is. Someone gathered up my kids and got them in the car while David and my friend helped me get my ballance and get outside.

Today I’m still a little woozy, but nothing terrible. I’m taking it easy, and twenty people have called to check on me, including some doctors in the ward. I’m OK. Really.

19 thoughts on “Bonk. Bang. Boom.

  1. I’m so sorry! Passing out at church is so NOT the fun thing to do–not just because of the whole health aspect, but because things “out of the ordinary” and “sensational” are so uncommon it’s nearly impossible for everyone to just.move.on. At least it was in the bathroom and not from the pulpit in the middle of a talk, like my sister’s passing out experience was…

    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. I’m so sorry. Do get checked out though. I know not having insurance sucks, but it’s better to catch anything early than wait until it’s uber expensive to fix. Hopefully the nurse is right and it’s just a concussion from your fall, but you’ll want to be sure.

  3. Urgh, well, glad you’re feeling mostly better today. Hope it was nothing more than a passing wave of nausea and dizziness.

  4. Fainting for me is more of a hobby unfortunately, but it was the first sign to my diabetes and blood sugar problems.

  5. I’m glad you were already sitting down so as to not get another bump on the head. My first thoughts were along the same line as the Wiz- the only times I have passed out were during early pregnancy.

    Take care of yourself, you now have a good excuse to lay around. Although I’m sure as you lay there your head spins with all that needs to be done…

  6. I hope that it is nothing serious! I would have a hard going back to my ward if something like that happened to me. I would be to embarrassed.

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