Miss Chatty Bang Bang

Abby never stops talking. My boys? They’ll converse about Bionicles or Lego or worms or the merits of spray soap over tub-dye tablets- but other than that, they just go about their days busy being boys. They talk to mama when somethings up, but otherwise, they just keep busy.

Not Abby. 

Abby. Oh Abby. Abby narrates everything in her life. She sings song about whatever she’s doing, how she’s doing it, and how it makes her feel. It’s like living in Enchanted. If she’s on the potty, the whole house is treated to a song about about going potty, and what is dropping from her bottom. She wants to talk about everything. Some people learn by doing, some by pondering, some are visual learners- Abby learns by talking out her thought process. Every. Single. Thought.

Oh, I know someday, when she’s thirteen (the most horrid bane of all hell-ages on the earth) I will plead with her to talk to me, and she will throw sassy and selfish words at me like scalding pots of mascara, but for now, I could use a little peace and quiet.

Today, she went potty, washed up and followed me to the kitchen, chatting the whole time about the color of her skirt and how her nail polish needed to be repainted and how dad was mowing  the lawn but brother’s truck was in the way and she needed to save it OH NO and her shirt is pretty blue but this skirt doesn’t twirl mama and I need a bagel but not with peanut butter mama because I don’t like peanut butter mama why did you drop that mama Bean likes peanut butter and I want my bagel toasted mama can I have a sink bath mama why are you filling up the sink OH LOOK BUBBLES! can I blow them mama I like bubbles I want to help wash mama I will put the spoons away this is the dishwasher mama this thingy spins mama it makes me laugh what is this mama can I put it away I’m hungry mama when is Bean going to be home Jeffrey is downstairs and here is a pretty new pink skirt mama that I got from the dryer and I can twirl mama. MAMA! LOOK!…

(don’t you want to just gasp for breath?)

Her dress is changed. Wiping my hands from the sudsy sink I ask “Abby, where is your other dress?”

“It’s wet.” She is playing with the measuring spoons now, waxing on about stacking the cups and how clean the grater is.

“Why is it wet?

“I spilled in the bathroom. I washed my hands mama…” she keeps chatting as I head to the bathroom.

There is a flood- there are puddles of water on the floor and the counter is soaked, the toilet paper is a drenched mass hanging from it’s sopping little cardboard heart, and there is soap everywhere.

“Abby! You are a dastardly, child!” I say in exasperation.

She comes up behind me as I survey the damage. “No, mama. I’m not. I’m Abby.” and on it goes…

10 thoughts on “Miss Chatty Bang Bang

  1. ROFL! This is told so well. I have one of those, too! Mine also includes the lovely feature of asking “Mama! What are you doing, Mama?” 80 times a minute.It’s exhausting just listening to her.

    It’s nice that Abby leaves the toilet paper on the holder to be drenched. Peanut unrolls it all into the potty and flushes. *sigh*

  2. At least yours uses real sentences! I’m getting real tired of the “blah blah bah bah EEEE! EEEEEEEE!” constant background noise around here 🙂

  3. So my older kid is a daughter and she’s always been chatty, even from the time she could babble. Then our second is a boy, and I thought I’d be saved because he’s a boy. Plus he didn’t talk until he turned two. Well, he just turned three and he’s just as bad as she is. I don’t know if he gets it from copying her, but some days I just want to scream from the constant symphony of sweet little voices following me around all day (plus they spend about half the day arguing with each other). I know I’ll miss it when they’re older, but some days it’s a little nuts!

  4. Must be a girl thing…my 5 year old talks nonstop, all day long, during quiet time she can be found singing at the top of her lungs with me pleading her not to wake her two brothers. ALL DAY LONG!

    Keeping your family in our prayers…

  5. My middle two kids are talkers. a boy and a girl. Once they were both in school I realized how much noise I had endured. It was so Q U I E T. They had begun to talk so gradually that I never realized the constand barrage of words until it was absent. Now I brace myself as 3:30 approaches and the word attack begins again.

  6. ugh! I can relate! I have 4 boys and 1 girl and her chattiness is a real culture shock for me. Also, the boys really don’t care what I’m doing and she’s always watching and offering commentary!
    For the record, my 13yo is a total delight. I don’t know how we got so lucky and I don’t expect our luck to last but there it is.

  7. My daughter will talk when she wants to talk… MY BOYS are the chatty ones. The chatter is different… at three year old aliens were kidnapping chickens (or so the story went). There were a lot of “Why, mom” “Mom, where” and “What,,…” and “How”…

    Now the stories are much more elaborate with robots on distant alien planets.

    Hmm…maybe the chatter hasn’t changed so much….

  8. How funny. Great post.

    My oldest didn’t speak until he was almost 4, and then when he started he wouldn’t stop. I called him the Narrator. Every little thing someone did he’d mention. It took me awhile to realize that he wasn’t just mentioning it–he wanted to know why they were doing what they were doing but didn’t know how to ask.

    Now it’s my youngest (who is 15) that is the talker. He will not stop.

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