Sloooooooow Down Days

School is winding down. Beanie’s last home-visit from his “team” was this morning, and he’s been signed off for both the summer program, and for starting the AIM kindergarten in fall. He and Abby are in the backyard, idley dangling their legs from their respective swings, as the chains softly clink overhead. Earlier they were looking for pill-bugs to put in their bug house. Poor pill bugs.

It’s quiet. Birdcalls float through the cautiously open widows, and I’m hoping it will be cool enough today to catch some breeze. Yesterday was blisteringly hot, followed by lightning and rain and whipping winds and distant thunder. Almost my favorite part of summer.

I finished painting the boys room, and am in-process of making some blackboards for their walls. The plan is big boards where they can scrawl whatever they like, over each bed. We’ll see how it comes out. The color is nice- kind of a neutral khaki green. Bean is very satisfied, and Jeff says it’s better than blue. Oh, if only I had a camera…

2 thoughts on “Sloooooooow Down Days

  1. Your pill bug have it good in the bug house. My kids are catching the poor things and feeding them to the chickens.

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