Farm Chicks Show

6a010534adb750970b011570b1368f970b If you don’t know Teri and Serena, you should. They are The Farm Chicks, and what started out as a little antique show in a po-dunk Washington prairie town has turned into something oh-so-much bigger than they are. Vendors and look-seers come from all over the country. I saw at least a dozen out-of-state license plates in the parking lot just walking to the ticket booth.

I’ve had this show on my calender for months, and just a bit of a drive from my home got me there. Nevermind that I am plumb broke. It doesn’t matter. Most of what I get from the Farm Chicks is awesome ideas and the creative impetus to go home and make stuff.  Think a giant flea market full of some of the most creative stuff you’ve ever imagined.

Don’t get me wrong- if I had Midas’ purse, I would have shot the moon, but as it was, I was content to wander around, footloose and kid-free. A day away, all to myself? Time in the car to think and then on the way home, to think about all the good stuff I want to go make? Oh, delightful!

Bookmark their website- it’s a good one for eye-candy. I mean, who doesn’t need more pink tractors?

5 thoughts on “Farm Chicks Show

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve never heard of them. What a fun site they have, and what a fun day it sounds like you had!

    Sending you an email in the next couple of days…

  2. I’ve linked to their site from yours several times. Great stuff, but I had to take a break because all that talk about a fun event I couldn’t attend made me jealous.

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