And Now Mama’s Got It

Oh yeah. Up all night, kneeling at the great and mighty porcelain bowl. Fainted once. (Lets just go with the fact I faint, no biggie) The kids are all better. The laundry remains the same. but David cleaned the kitchen and did the floors. I shall now crawl back to bed to moan and groan the rest of the day.

6 thoughts on “And Now Mama’s Got It

  1. So sorry that the whole family got this stomach bug or whatever it is. Kudos to David for doing the kitchen and floors. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. It’s a good sign everyone is feeling better, perhaps it will pass in a day for you too. it just sux you had to get it.

  3. Resubmit your app for MediCal (or whatever they call it in WA). No biggie. Fainting twice in a month. No biggie. Still–just in case, resubmit.

    God bless David’s scrubbing little fingers!

    Feel better.

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