Random Crap: July Edition

uncle-sam-4th-of-july-american-flag-vintage-postcardI’m not hating on July like I usually do. All my life, July has been my least favorite month, and yet this year, I’m appreciating her hot self. The year turning feels good, and even though it’s hot, she brings me my Hydrangea bushes in bloom, berry picking season, jam-making and sparklers in the backyard. I think I may be growing up.

Simple Eco Shoes sent Abby some shoes with the deal that I review them, and how they hold up. They are not paying me, and I am free to write however I honestly feel- that’s the caveat with any review I agree to. I will not be bought or sold- you get what you get when you send me something. And hey, free shoes! Look for the review next week.

Yesterday I found a tutorial on how to make neckties, and you would NOT believe how awesomely easy it is. The boys are stoked- and they both picked through my fabric piles looking for the coolest fabric. Beanies has American flags all over it, and Jeffrey’s has dragons. It’s mostly hand-sewing- and I got the link from someone (can’t remember the link- it if was you let me know?) who commented here.

Just finished reading Rough Stone Rolling, and have a tremendous intellectual crush on Richard Bushman. It’s not a light read, but it’s worth it.

Also just finished reading Mormon Enigma, and have a new, profoundly deep respect for Emma. Holy cow. The woman was made of fine, fine things. Mixed with steel.

Next up: David O. McKay’s bio. Not light reading, but it’s sitting like a brick on my nightstand waiting its turn.

The kids broke the arm off the rocker in my office. This particular rocking chair came across the plains in a Conestoga wagon on the Oregon trail, and was rocked by my husbands great great grandmother. My Mother-in-Law gave it to me a few years ago, and I’m sick that my kids managed to mangle it. It’s fixable- it broke on a joint, and I think with some TLC, glue and some new dowels it will be fine. At least I hope so…

Our air conditioning is broken. It worked fine, and then kapow, when the switch is flipped: nothing. Nada. Kaput. The house fan still works, but neither the heat nor the cool will come on. Hopefully it’s just a thermostat thing- because we can really afford a repair bill right now? Nope. We’ll just be hot. Turn on the fans and pull down the shades. Crap.

Last night for dinner I made Chicken Tika Masala. Oh, stars, it was gooooooood. If you want the recipe, it’s another one of Ree’s. Give it a shot- it’s easy and so fantastically good. The boys turned up their noses, but Abby ate a whole plate. That’s my spicy girl!

We’re not doing much for the Independence Day weekend. My whole family down in California is up at the Lake near Yosemite where we always go for vacations. They’d have so much more fun if we were there. Instead, we will be playing with Sparklers in the backyard. Ear your hear out, family! Who wants a lake at Yosemite when you can have a sparkler and a five-gallon bucket of safety water in the backyard? I mean really!

I wish I had a clothesline in the backyard.

I’m making Indian cheese today. What? Mo informs me not everyone makes cheese and the cavalier way I talk about some things is just funny.  Everyone doesn’t make cheese? She is laughing at me. I mean, I’m not stupid- I know not everyone makes cheese- but what’s the big deal? I love Indian food, and I need some cheese. What gets me, for all the fine cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, they only ever invented ONE kind of cheese. It’s called panneer. It’s awesome, and easy to make, and I cannot find it any markets around here. So I make my own. It’s not rocket science. And it’s delicious!

BIG bowl of Bing cherries sitting on my counter, just waiting for something fantastic to happen…

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12 thoughts on “Random Crap: July Edition

  1. I’ve been reading RSR for about a year now. I keep having to stop, catch my breath, and then move on. It’s super-de-dooper-ly painful reading for me. In Sacred Lonliness is the same. I am dying to get Bushman’s new book about his experience writing RSR, but I am being firm with myself. No new books until I read the ones I’ve already started.

    No air-conditioning? Being too hot is miserable. At least with cold, you can huddle; you can bundle up. There’s a defense. With heat, you can only strip down so far, eventually you get to skin. My prayers are with you.

    I am such a boring food lover. Garlic, onion, oregano, sage, salt, pepper, cinnamon, and vanilla will season almost anything I make. Speaking of which, would you like some saffron? I made paella a bit ago and decided that we’d skip the saffron next time. I hate to throw it away. It’s up for grabs.

    Sheesh, what a massive comment! Sorry.

    • Oooooh! Safron! Is it contraband? 🙂 Sure, I’d love it!

      And yes, RSR is not light reading. It can be hard to process some of it- but it’s worth it.

  2. I have RSR on my shelf and need to get going. I’ve heard such really wonderful things about it, mostly that some of that information is very HARD to digest, but worth knowing.

  3. Mrs. M- Yes, it’s not an easy read, and it’s much of it is not stuff you’re going to get in a Relief Society handbook, but it’s factual history, and it’s presented thoughtfully and well. I can’t imagine a better source than Bushman.

    I found my faith was stronger, ironically, once I had digested everything. There is nothing to be afraid of. Sunlight is always a good thing…

  4. PS- I’m more than willing to talk about any of the books that are tough to read. I’ve gone through the fire with my faith, and I’m solid. It is possible. If anyone wants to talk, email me.

  5. Duuude, Abbs got the hook-up on the kicks. Some of my friends used to sport simple skate shoes back in the day.
    sorry about the AC, now your the hotness in more ways than one 😛

    • I’d never heard of them- but the shoes they sent are seriously great- easy on and off, machine washable, no laces, cute grommet latch, and they’re wide enough for her fat little feet. So far I’m muy impressed. They are called “Doodle” shoes, too!

      Ah, V, if only I was more than just sweaty hot… 😀

  6. Ditto on RSR. I had ME on my nightstand for a couple months about 2 years back and finally returned it to the library. I should try that one again. Have fun with the cheese! The only kind I’ve made is mozz. Which reminds me. Ainsley’s first word was yesterday, and you would appreciate it. “Cheese”.

  7. “They’d have so much more fun if we were there” That is awesome!! Happy 4th and enjoy your paneer.

  8. *loving giggle and shaking of my head*
    Found Thing 1 the other night with my fancy cheeses strewn out on the table before him and a whole plate of crackers, munching to his little hearts contant. How could I be upset? As V says, I lurve my curd nerds, especially you!
    Cheese, no, but a clothesline I can do. I’m from Alaska, we can jury rig anything!!

  9. Love me that Indian food! I’ve had a package of rennet hangin around the house a while, waiting to be made into cheese.
    Dh read RSR, said it was great. I can’t keep my eyes open for non-fiction these days though. The Emma book sounds great too. I’m all for knowing the true humanity of those we put on pedestals. It helps me internalize that normal people can accomplish amazing things, warts and all.

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