Throwing Fits

Boy, have I been in a vile mood lately. Honestly, Mama’s in a bad bad mood. Grumpy, mean things just pop out of my mouth before I even know they’re coming- and that’s not like me- I’m not quick on the verbal uptake. But wowzers, I’m even surprised at the vitreol and fury flying. Tonight, I threw a total tizzy because I couldn’t find the exact bra I wanted- I mean throwing things, swearing at the walls- thankfully the kids were in the playroom, and only David was privy to my mega-meltdown. Yes, I know it wasn’t about the bra.

So I took off all by myself and met Mo at the local pottery-painting place.

I had never been there, and by the time I arrived I was done wanting to throw things- because honestly? Not the place to have a temper tantrum. They had lots and lots of cute stuff- and I was actually rather enchanted by the plain simple whiteness of all the bisque. It was calming. I needed calming. It was also calming just sitting with a paintbrush in my hand while Mo chatted me up about her new job and what’s been keeping her so busy. Sometimes just listening is a good thing.

She made a cupcake, I made a plain old plate. But I painted a cupcake on it.

When I got home, all the babies were in bed, but not asleep yet, so I got the best part- stories and kisses- and got to skip the gloopy toothpaste and dirty kids in a bath part. The kitchen was also spotless- and the clean laundry had been carried upstairs. Sigh… Sometimes being married ten years has it’s pay-offs.

Everyone is asleep. The house is lulled by only by the quiet hum of the fan, and my fingers and they fly over the clickety keys. Even the dishwasher is done. And I have a date with with giant brick of a history book I’m plowing through- with great delight. I love me some history…

4 thoughts on “Throwing Fits

  1. I’ve been in a bad mood lately, throwing fits and whatnot. I hate myself for it. I even hate myself for it while I’m throwing the fit itself. I keep thinking that if I’m going to turn into my mother, shouldn’t I at least get some of her good qualities?

    Unfortunately, pottery doesn’t soothe me. I should probably stay away from pottery when I’m in a bad mood. I’m glad you’re feeling better, though.

    Actually, I’m feeling better, too. Must’ve been the mammogram. Sometimes even I get tired of being in a bad mood. 🙂

    My kitchen, however, is far from spotless.

  2. RJ, I feel the same way- even when I’m IN the tizzy, a rational part of my mind is looking on, thinking “Dude, get a grip, it’s not that bad.” That just makes me madder. *sigh*

    Glad the mammogram went well. I haven’t had one yet…

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