Bread and Berries

July is yanking my chain. Yesterday was miserably, sweltering hot. Last night thunder and lightning rolled across our skies, drawing the sleepy boys from their beds into our room, where we gazed out the darkened windows at the crashing show. Today, drizzle and overcast skies, it’s cool enough that I closed a window and thought about putting on socks.

This is strawberry season, jam making season, apricots and raspberries and peaches… just when I finally came to place of peace with July, she turns on me.

So I’m making banana bread and have a large crockery bowl of yeast dough on the counter, rising and making the kitchen smell wonderful. Not sure what kind of bread it will turn into- the boys are lobbying hard for Monkey Bread- but I’m leaning towards some crusty french loaves. Not exactly standard July fare.

Off to deliver my loaves of banana bread- it’s fantastic. See, I don’t like banana bread, but I make a mean one, so I make them for other people. It’s the secret to my girlish figure…

6 thoughts on “Bread and Berries

  1. I have the same issue with banana bread and I make two a week. My neighbors love it though! And so do the kids. Make the french bread if there is baked brie nearby and then colorfully describe the experience so that I can pretend I was there too!

  2. Too late. It became Monkey bread, and while it was supposed to be for FHE treat tonight, it barely lasted the afternoon. But man, it was goooooood.

  3. For reals, y’all. Don’t like banana bread. Ick. Don’t like brownies either. Nor Jell-O, nor scalloped potatoes. The list is long and distinguished.

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