Picky Eaters Don’t Always Get Over It

Extreme Naval-Gazing ahead. You’ve been warned.

toddler-picky-eaterI’m a picky eater. Which is funny, because I’m fat- so I obviously and conspicuously have no problem finding food to eat- it’s just that my preferences are… um… strong. Most of my family and friends (including my internet besties) know about my disregard for peanut butterwatermelon, cotton candy and marshmallows. I’ve been vocal there- but I’ve been thinking- and there are a lot more things on my list of “No Thanks” than just those…

Jell-O: this seems to have been passed on chromosomally to my kids. Abby actually gags on it, Jeffrey won’t touch it, and Beanie says he likes it, but then just sit and pokes at it for a while, finally getting up and leaving it. I hate Jell-O. All flavors, all kinds- and if you mix stuff in with it, it goes from being merely unappetizing to utterly wretched. Don’t argue with me. Don’t tell me if I tried YOURS I would like it. The only Jell-O I’ve ever even partially liked came with pretzels and cream cheese. And I picked most of the red Jell-O layer off.

Which brings me to my next item- Hard Pretzels. Ick. Why? Why do people like these? There is just something so… wrong about them. Like little giraffe necks, with their beaded salt globules and cardboard tastelessness. Nope.

Brownies: Yeah, I know, I know. I don’t hate brownies- I mean, I could eat one if I were jonesing for sugar and there was nothing else, but I will never, ever seek one out, nor will I pay for one. No matter what. And if it has nuts in it? Not in a million years. NO nuts.

Which brings me to walnuts. My mother loves them, and packed them in baked goods my whole childhood. Walnuts are bitter, they sting, and the tannins are sour.  Like I want that all over my food?

Macaroni or other cold past salad. Something about the cold mayonnaise on the noodles- with the inevitable celery and … and… just ew.

Once in a great while I will have a hamburger, or a thin, thin slice of flank steak. But seriously? If there is any other choice in a five minute radius? The red meat loses out. The smell, the texture, the smell… the texture… nope. In restaurants, to this day, I order vegetarian whenever possible.  ANYTHING with tendons or bones- I just cannot.  At home the only way I can deal with cooking chicken is to buy the frozen boneless skinless pink icy tenders. Then I don’t even have to touch them- just use the tongs and pop them in the pan. Once I left the kitchen in tears while David cut up a whole chicken to make soup from. I’m a wuss.

Ice cream with chunks in it- unless it’s Cherry Garcia.

Banana, zucchini, or other kinds of quick-breads. Not even when I was a kid did I like these- and my kids are looking like they inherited that too. Serves me right… I made banana bread yesterday (no walnuts, of course) and gave all three loaves to neighbors and friends.

Plums, nectarines, peaches or other stone fruit (besides cherries, which I love). The pit of a peach or a nectarine gives me the yeeshies. It’s like those lotus-pods, and I HATE those- absolutely HATE THEM. I won’t even eat peach pie. I make a mean one, I’m told, but I won’t touch it. Neither will my kids.

(Maybe I’m the reason they’re so picky…? Hmmmm… never thought of that…)

A few things I particularly adore: Cheese, bread with no bumps, anything LEMON, the smell of grapefruit, cheese, salt, olives, cheese, yeast bread, butter, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, lettuce, wintergreen, nutmeg, licorice, tomatoes- all of them, cheese, bread, butter, cheese…. hmmmmm. I could live forever on a cheese platter with a smattering of fruit, a dolop of honey, some olives and some crusty, seedy, sourdough twists. FOREVER.

13 thoughts on “Picky Eaters Don’t Always Get Over It

  1. Now, when you say licorice do you mean that nasty anise/fennel tasting stuff? Because that smell, not to mention the taste, is just repulsive. And so is cherry licorice, as a matter of fact. When my dh eats it I can’t kiss him. The smell makes me gag.

    Cheese, though? Mmmmmmm.

  2. I’m pretty sure the four food groups are actually fruit, bread, cheese and chocolate. They’re all I need, in various incarnations and combinations!

  3. Okay… you had me until peaches. Hard pretzels are for beer, so I get that. I can understand peanut butter. Jello… well… there’s a mental leap you have to take with Jello, but it makes a hilarious side when you show up to a neighbors dinner party, especially if there’s all kinds of stuff packed inside. Lol.

    But peaches Tracy?? C’mon!

    LOL btw… not fat.

  4. Paul, I love that you are reading now! I love the smell and look and feel of peaches- especially fresh orchard peaches. My problems start when I cut them open…

    Inkmom, those food groups are fine with me!

  5. Okay, so many of those things I agree with you:

    Jello – ewww, and stuff mixed into it – gag me with a spoon.
    walnuts – gross and ruin any baked goods they are in
    cold pasta salad – yuck. Pasta is meant to be served hot. Period.

    but the stone fruit thing is beyond me – peaches, plums, nectarines … all delicious!!! And yeeshies is now my new favorite word …. yeeshies ….. tee hee

  6. The whole idea of jello, and what it is made of, really freaks me out. I was an okay eater until I started thinking about exactly what it is that I am eating, and then I became a vegan. Well, sometimes I cheat and have some cheese, because it is pretty yummy. :o)

  7. I read the first part of your list and started wondering what, exactly, it is that we have in common. Then I read the last part, yippee!!

  8. We are visiting Utah from PA, and haven’t been here in 3 years. So when my kiddos encountered two strange jello salads at a family gathering they were dumbstruck. Why would anyone do that? It was funny to me that my kids are so un-Utah as to not recognize jello salad.

    Just for curiosity’s sake- one had pineapple and cottage cheese, the other carrots, and misc fruits. Did I make you throw up a little in your mouth? 😉

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