Pulling in the Plackard

576586267_46bbe7f700The sun is turning the horizon bluish gold, like tepid pondwater. It won’t be all the way up for another hour, at least- but the heat from yesterday still lingers, night having done little to cool the parched house.

It’s 4:53 a.m. I’m not up because I’m doing something cool, like making buttermilk syrup and monkey bread for my kids. I’m not up to watch the sprinklers drench the yard, in a valiant attempt at keeping our grass on the greenish side of the summer color wheel. Nope. I’m up, and have been all night, because I don’t how to say “I can’t, I’m overloaded.”.

All night long, I’ve been wrestling with some lovely dupioni navy fabric, and an absolutely beautiful silver that really should be looking more like a bride’s maid dress and less like a pile of frustration. It’s my fault, and I don’t want the person I’m making it for to feel bad- I thought about not writing anything, but I need to, I need to vent, so that I can pick the pile of tulle and silkiness back up and whip it into something pretty. Hopefully.

See, the problem is, the pattern is about three sizes too small. Strike one. Patterns run that way, for anyone curious. They just do. It’s dumb, but true. So for starters, I have to alter the pattern to measurements I only have jotted down on a piece of paper. I also have to fit it to a body that is not at my house, and hasn’t been since buying the fabric. (Again, not her fault- life is like that.)  Strike two. The wedding is in Utah. On Monday. Strike three, at least for me.

I ran to the store to buy more fabric, making it just before they closed. Last night? Yeah, it was, I’m sure, but since I haven’t been to sleep yet, it’s hard to remember. Anyway. I’ve spent the whole night making a dress that isn’t going together right, that I cannot try on to see if it fits, and has to be done ASAP.

I’m up here writing because my frustration levels were getting to the point where the seam ripper was looking like a mighty fun problem-solving tool. So I’m taking a little break. Hopefully it will go better after I have a little snack and clear my head.

None of this is my friend’s fault. I could have said no. I could have returned the pattern when I realized how small it was. I could have done a lot of things. At this point, if I could just buy her a dress, I would. I would I would I would. It would be easier on my tear ducts.

12 thoughts on “Pulling in the Plackard

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. It is so hard to turn down opportunities when life is so full of good things and you want the good in your life. I’m glad you vented. Best of luck with whatever solution you choose. But I would encourage you to call your friend and ask if she can shop for a dress in the remaining 3 days (you could even offer to share the cost).

  2. What is it with patterns running ridiculously small? I just pulled out a pattern yesterday for a shirt I want to make, and for a 34″ bust it is a size 12!!!!! So weird. I learned that lesson the hard way–I just made the most adorable Bermuda shorts . . . which turned out to be about a size 0. I am not a size 0. Darn it all.

  3. Sorry Trace! I sympathize with your frutration! Its so easy for our loved ones to give us “creative projects” because we are good at them not realizing that it also comes with a lot a lot of work (labor of love) and stress- its never simple and its never easy and its never quick.
    Good luck and I’m sure your loved one/friend will understand (and remember…your idea of perfection with the dress is probably ions away from hers…just don’t point out all the things you wish you could have made better with more time and …fabric?)
    Love you! chelseafish

  4. I love you chelseafish. Very much.

    Carrie, I had no idea how ridiculously bizarre patterns are sized. Like you, I don't usually use them when I sew- I write them for other people!- but don't use them.

    However, when making a bridesmaid dress, needed a pattern. But this one? A size 12 has a 26 inch waist- and 33" bust. ! Can you believe that?! For her measurments, she would have needed an 18-20 in patterns, and there is NO WAY this woman is that size. But that's what a 36" bust gets you. Dang. Yeah, I wish you lived closer too- for this, and so many other reasons!

  5. Ok, so explain. “Running small” means the size is much larger than you would think? Or is that “running big”? I always get those 2 mixed up. Because a 26 inch waist and 33 inch bust seems closer to a size 2 than a size 12.

    When people say “these sizes run small” they mean….you should get a smaller size than usual? Or that you should get a size bigger than usual?

  6. “Running small” means the pattern is sized smaller than what a woman would pick up and have fit her in a store.

    Wiz, if a store size runs small, it means when you would normally wear a size eight, you would need a ten or twelve.

    Mo? What can you do? Have a back-up? I dunno if I can pull this thing off… I’m trying really hard, but I just don’t know. When you up-size a pattern, everything changes- where the darts go, the gathering, the easing-in- and I’m winging it, since I cannot try it on myself, and you live 20 miles away. It may or may not fit…

  7. My pet peeve with patterns is when I get the size that my measurements and the back of the pattern envelope say I should get, make it, and then discover that it is, in fact, 3 sizes too large and I should have gotten my real size after all. I really wish there was some sort of regulation to standardize pattern sizing according to actual measurements (same goes for clothes) across companies/brands.

  8. i vaguely remember someone saying “no more dupioni” ….
    only you know what is DOABLE in the time you have. Mo will understand.

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