Heathen’s Wedding

IMG_0234The dress is done. And from here on out, Tracy’s Dressmaking is closed.  At this point in my life, I have too many irons in the fire, and I cannot be a functional parent and wife, while still rasslin’ with piles of silk and tulle. It did come out nice, if I do say so myself.

David picked up a can of spray air, and he says next time I offer to take on a sewing project for someone, he’s going to spray the air in my ear. Like squirting a cat with water. Or something. I’ll probably not think it’s funny when he does it, but it was funny today.

So there. Stay tuned tomorrow for a recipe on how to use your paneer cheese. I’m going to actually go to sleep tonight. Bed, sweet sweet bed.

13 thoughts on “Heathen’s Wedding

  1. yay! it looks great, all we need are some pix of Mo in it.
    Maybe David meant he will blow the thought out of your mind. or perhaps clear your head of some clutter so you can think straight 🙂
    once again you’ve shown the world you are indeed wonder woman.
    sleep well.

  2. yes, my mom just built a house in our home village in Sakon Nakhon. i haven’t been there in 30 yrs. lots of people and things to see in a short amount of time. but gladly this won’t be my only trip. i hope to go at least 2-3 more times while i’m overseas. i’m so anxious and nervous, it’s just me and Nona this time around.

  3. If I’d have had ANY idea how badly this was going to be for you I never would’ve asked. That being said…IT’S GORGEOUS!!!

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