Yard Sale Scores

Well, since no one really cares what to do with your cheese, I’ll just move on to the yardage goods for this week. I’ve been overcome by a summer cold, and feel like dookey, so I skipped yesterday, and only want to a handful today. But! It was evidently milk-glass day in Washington, because here is what I found:


Large hobnail milk glass pitcher, $2.00. I found it on Etsy when I got home for $42.00

hurricane lamp hobnail milk glass3Also, this hurricane hobnail milk-glass lamp. It was also $2.00 and it is actually already packed, and sitting on my desk to be Happy-Mail for one of my favorite people- someone who really looooves milk glass. Any guesses? She’ll know this week, when it arrives…

Also, two irridescent hobnail candle holders, a pommes-anna french baking pan from Williams Sonoma with the sticker still on,  and a set of mini-tart pans. For 75 cents. For it all. Yup.

Also: In just looking up Fenton milk glass, there is a cake stand on eBay for $280.00 HOLY CRAP! It’s the same one sitting on my kitchen counter. Fluted edges, opalescent glow, white hobnail- I got it for free. I’m not selling, and as a matter of fact, it’s the glory of that cake stand that made me really start loving milk glass in the first place. 280!! I have a whole cupboard of Fenton- two pieces even signed and numbered… maybe I’ve got next months mortgage payed for and I don’t even know it, huh?

Anyway. Someone’s getting a package from me. I’m thinking I maybe should re-pack it- use a little more bubble wrap than I did- this stuff is more valuable that I knew!

9 thoughts on “Yard Sale Scores


    That’s it, I’m moving to be your next door neighbor.
    It’s meant to be.

    Um, or maybe just the closest available house……

    We’ll see.

  2. And PS – I do care about your cheese. I have just learned that it’s not worth trying to comment when I have a 3 yr old on my lap.

  3. I really loved the cheese post. I am trying some this week when the kids go back to school. I’m just not a commenter. I’m too embarrassed that someone might click over and see that I haven’t blogged in three months.

  4. Awwww! You guys are so sweet to pretend you liked the gross green slop/cheese post! It’s ok, my ego can take the hit.

    Yeah, isn’t this the awesome-est yard sale stuff? It was a good day- especially since I only went to maybe five sales.

    HSF- I’m still looking out for a potato ricer for you…

  5. I guess I have no heart, but I would totally be pricing out all the fenton ware to pay the mortgage. My husband has some toys (transformers and the like) still in their boxes, and they’re worth 50-150 dollars each, and I’m always trying to get him to sell them. I guess there are some things I’d never sale, like my inherited double wedding ring quilt from my great Grandmother, but if it’s not an heirloom….

    (Ok, now that I sound like a jerk)

    And I love the cheese post too. Can you post a recipe with instruction on how to make it, and the percentages of the ingredients? I made the cheese, and now I need to use the paneer.

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