Summer Colds Suck

The first waves of Autumn golden light were seen this weekend. Just a hint, a drizzle of amber around the edges of the heat, but it was there. If I weren’t so congested with a stupid summer cold, I probably could have smelled it, too.

An elephant has moved into our house and is living on my chest- damn asthma. Everyone else gets a simple cold, and I get bronchitis and am flattened. I can barely breathe and have needed the nebulizer three times today. I’m so hepped up on cold medicine I ‘m lulu.

David took all three boys and Abby to church today by himself, so I could get some rest. (three? Yeah, babysitting for Mo while she wears her beautiful dress to Heathen’s wedding down in Utah) I ended up sleeping most of the day, and think  tomorrow should be much better. Stupid asthma. Most people get to outgrow it, but NoooooOOOO, not me. On the positive side, it looks like so far, my kids didn’t get that little genetic treat from me. Dad’s lungs are much stronger than mine.

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