Overheard at the M’s

Scene: The kids are lounging in my bedroom, a tangle of tan and freckled arms and legs, and I’ve put on a disk of old Bugs Bunny cartoons. In one cartoon, a log is in danger of going over a waterfall, and the characters paddle like mad to push the log UP the waterfall and back to the safety of the river. I am sitting in my wing chair, working on some embroidery.

Beanie, guffawing at the scene, “That’s so funny!”

Jeffrey, rolling his eyes, “Bean, that goes against all the known laws of physics. The people who made this cartoon must have been dumb.”

I look up from the flour-sack towel I’m embroidering and roll my eyes.

7 thoughts on “Overheard at the M’s

  1. Hee hee! So does Jeffrey watch the science channel or something? I don’t think I really knew about laws of physics when I was his age.

    Also, ODD still makes comments like that even now! “That could never happen. . .” Duh, that’s why it’s called a movie instead of real life. I roll my eyes.

  2. Smart kid! I love listing to kids talk about physics. I was at this really awful Shakespeare in the park a week ago and had to put my hand over my mouth to not blurt out laughing because these two very pre-teen boys were arguing quite passionaltely about the laws of physics in row in front of me. There was something just so adorably nerdy and cute about it…that coupled with the bad thou’s and thee’s was just too much for me to handle… If he’s tuned into the laws of physics now and makes that comment about the log going up the waterfall…wow…that’s a major connection for a kid of his age! impressive trace!

  3. Reminds me of my neice. She is adamant that the men behind “imagination movers” on the Disney Channel are really stupid, because who would want to dance around and sing sillysongs for a living? (ooh ooh! Pick me!)
    We maintain that they get paid to entertain little people, and it is an acting job.
    They’re doing better than me.

    • Michelle, I’ve gotten them at Target. They are also available at Hancock fabrics, near where the embroidery floss and Martha’s heat transfers are… Let me know if you can’t find them and I’ll send you some!

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