Achtung Kinder!

HEY! Here’s a thought: How about if the things thrown in the laundry, (laundry that I am constantly, forever, unendingly doing? yeah that laundry…) those shirts and shorts and t-shirts, were ACTUALLY DIRTY before you threw them in the basket? That would go a long way towards Mama being a little happier. Because just in case you didn’t get the memo; Mama doesn’t like spending half her time doing laundry, and Mama HATES seeing the same clothes come through on sequential days, WHEN THEY HAVEN”T EVEN BEEN WORN. Am I making myself clear? AM I?

Because also, in case you missed that memo too, if I’m not happy, NO ONE IS HAPPY. Clear now? GOOD.

7 thoughts on “Achtung Kinder!

  1. How bout when they come through STILL FOLDED!! drives me nuts. Maybe we should go on strike, on second thought that would just be more for us to do when the strike is over.

  2. My kids get this lecture in ALL CAPS, too. Why are the clothes in the laundry basket if it’s obviously still clean and/or folded?!?! This is one of those things I’ve never been able to understand.

  3. I have the opposite problem with my 3 year old. She seems to believe that nothing is ever dirty and as such none of it should ever be washed. She wants to wear the same three items of clothing for the rest of eternity. Ick.

  4. Limit their clothes to 7 options. One for each day. Take the rest and “store” them in the garage or elsewhere. Then teach them what the two big white boxes int he laundry room do and assign a day per kid to do their laundry. As they gain their mad laundry skills, they earn their clothes back.

    worked for me a thousand years ago when the earth was cooling. and yup, even the 4 year old was in on the gig.

  5. i have 1 daughter who throws everything clean in the laundry. the other daughter puts everything that is dirty back in her drawer. i like the 7 options for 7 days idea. i might have to try that one.

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