Houston, Ready or Not

America the BeautifulRoaring along the road to Houston. It’s coming up quick, and miracle of miracles, I think it’s coming together. I’m fighting wanting to share my plans with being afraid of jinxing myself.

Yesterday my vendor packet arrived, and my booth assignment is great- I’m at the end of a walkway, slightly to the right, and only one block in from the escalators. At least from the floor plan (hellloooo- huge!) it looks like a good draw. Now I just have to figure out what to order for drapes and rigging, and if I want electricity in the booth. Leaning towards yes, but I need to find an Ikea to pick up cheap-o spotlights for the quilts.

I’ve found a local printer with good rates, and the price includes some in-house design for the brochure. Of course I could do it myself, and I will give her a mock-up of what I have in mind, but honestly, I’m happy to hand some things off to other people. I’ll die if I try and do everything myself, and I’m finally smart/experienced enough to know that.

Next week, all my quilts are being re-photographed, and the pattern cover is being redesigned. I’ve got some ideas.

My airline tickets are purchased, the hotel is reserved, the rental car is on hold… Now all I need is for people to love me… (isn’t that everyones problem?)

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16 thoughts on “Houston, Ready or Not

  1. I love you, and I’d be happy to make an ikea run for you and ship what you need to you. Just let me know what to get.


  2. Can’t wait to hear how it goes and see pics of your booth! I sense it will be a smashing success Tracy. I’m harkening back to Playstore days where you’re window exhibits stopped people in their tracks and your catalog was magical. Its all you this time BABY! You ROCK!

    Post your pics when you get them. My gutt tells me your blog readers may be good customers…hint hint.
    Love you! when you are you leaving again?

    • The show is the second week of October, so I have a little over a month to prepare. Not long at all! I hope you’re right. I always said next time I worked this hard it would be under my own name… *holding breath*

  3. So excited for you. Such a HUGE deal. Just amazing, miraculous things there. Your designs will fit right in.

    Where exactly are you? I’ll send my Mom and MIL over your direction.

  4. LOVE lOvE LoVe love LOVE!!! Sending it all your way too keep your momentum going. You are doing so well with not procrastinating and getting your ducks in a row. Wish I could be there to support you!

    Please share all on the blog afterwards!

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