Texas- Bigger than France

Exhaaaaaaaling. NOW.

Holy crap. Wednesday had to be on of the hardest days of my life. I made it, but it’s was sketchy. Thanks to a super-kind friend with the ability and means to jump in and roll up her sleeves. I have a new helper for Houston. Many, many, many of you reached out to me yesterday- and I am more grateful than I can express right now. My original friend who was going with me has a child in the hospital with the flu, and I’m sending my prayers her way tonight.

There is much more going on, of which I am yet unable to share. But trust me when I say it matters, and that I feel it when so many people offer their prayers on my behalf. It’s humbling and powerful.

I leave for the airport in 6 hours, and I’m not even done packing.

Ready or not, here I come…

10 thoughts on “Texas- Bigger than France

  1. So happy that it has worked out in the end! It is always in a time of crisis that we get to see how truly blessed we are with people willing to pitch in and help. We will continue to pray for you and hope that Houston is a smashing success πŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad everything is working out. If it is so hard that means it is going to be Oooohhh so good in the end, right? That’s how it goes, it is so worth it in the end. Sorry it has been so stressful, gut wrenchingly stressful though.

    GO MAMA!

  3. Good luck in Houston. (This has to be the very first time I wish I lived in Houston. Because then I could go to the show and help, or even just go to meet you!)

    My family is still praying for your family. May the peace and grace of God be with you this weekend.

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