I started out super-nervous and excited. The people are beyond nice- honestly, of the hundreds of people I talked with today, there was not one crab or grump among them. The exhibitors in the booths surrounding mine are all fantastic, and all of them have been here before and have been generous with tips and advice. The learning curve is steep, and I already have a full page of ideas scrawled down for next year.

First thing this morning, the guy in the booth directly across from mine told me not to panic if I didn’t take any orders today. He said on Saturday, most of the people just take their spin through and figure out their game plan, waiting for Sunday or Monday to do their serious buying. I’m glad he told me that- and I didn’t panic.

I got to meet Heather Bailey. She is fantastic,  and her stuff is completely drool-worthy. Nice things coming down the line for 2010. I saw Amy Butler, but did not get a chance to speak with her. The new Moda lines are vintage-tastic. Amazing.

While I do still feel like a super-small fishy in a giant pool of  insane talent, I also feel a little more confident now as well. I’m not any of those other people- but maybe what I have is cool in its own way too.

Now, I am tired and my feet are achy- I’m thinking about the hot tub, but am debating if  my transparent-white Washington legs should really make a public appearance. Tomorrow ought to be fun. I will return and report.

6 thoughts on “HOUSTON Part Deux

  1. Fabulous reports from Houston! I’m sure you’ve been thrown off by our 60-70 degree weather lately-it will be hot and rainy (and humid!) again by tomorrow. 🙂
    Sounds exciting to be near some well-known designers!

  2. I’m so happy that things are going well and people are friendly. Fingers crossed for oodles of orders tomorrow!

  3. Not oodles, but enough to cover all of my costs and expenses, and the contacts and relationships establishing might be priceless. One more day…

    I miss my kids. 😉

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