Houston: Fin and TA-DA!

Well. What’s done is done. I did what was in my power to do, and I can do no more.

What an amazing experience. I’m still a teeeny-tiny fish in a great big sea, but I caught the eyes of some of the bigger fish- and the law of attraction seems to be en force. I met some fantastic, inspiring people. I wish I had the intellectual reserves to mine for the words to show you how amazing these people are- but right now? I’m just too damn tired.

Yes, I got to bob along in the awesomeness of the textile world. Yes, I got to preview the 2010 lines for sooooo many fabric manufacturers- if you don’t care about textiles, that won’t mean bugaboo to you, but if you pet your fabric like I do, then you are drooling. Look for amazing new stuff from some of your favorites, and perhaps to be surprised by a few, too. Yummy. Really, really yummy stuff.

As for me- well, it was my virgin sail in Market- any market- any show. So while I have nothing to compare the experience to, I did have the people in the booths surrounding mine circling around me in excitement and celebration. The quilting and fabric community is fantastically and oddly devoid of weird tension or competition. It’s as though everyone knows there is room for many artistic visions, and they buoy each other up. Everyone. Every. Single. Person. Was kind, generous, and forthcoming with advice and introductions. I just worked a convention floor for three solid days- and didn’t encounter even one grumpy, or crabby or otherwise unpleasant person. Do that with the general public. Yeah.

So. As for me and my house? I took enough on-site orders to cover all my expenses. That’s good. I also made a ton of new business contacts. Hundreds of stores know about me that had never heard of me three days ago. Not all of them placed orders, but as many of them as I could get left with promo pieces from me. I am no longer a random name. In business, that’s half the battle.

Also. Since I am a one-woman-band, who writes, illustrates, paints, sews, designs and plays the tuba (ok, one of those things is a lie)- some folks who might be able to make some money for and from me also noticed. And told me so.

That’s all I’m going to say about that at the moment.

What?! I know. I’m superstitious though- I’m worried if I overflow with excitement like I want to- like I did when my neighbors and new friends told me what all those business-cards in my hand actually meant- well, then I might accidentally pop the bubble. And I so, so, so very much want the bubble to hold more than a castle in the air.

19 thoughts on “Houston: Fin and TA-DA!

  1. Squee! I’m so glad it went well and you have happy things in the works. I can’t wait to read all about it! What a fun experience. I’ve felt the same way with anyone I’ve met in the fabric and quilting world. I’m always happily surprised if I ask a local quilt shop if they have something and if they don’t they are more than happy to recommend a couple of other local shops I could probably find it in. What other business does that? It’s awesome and keeps me going back.

  2. I am so hoping that this is a turning point for you, and that things in your life start to look up from here! I think everyone who reads is so happy and excited for you!

  3. I have been reading your blog for a while and this is my first note to you. I am so so happy for you and your success! I have had a prayer in my heart for you and your family.

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