Random Crap: Travel Edition


(Still sans-usb cable, this picture is borrowed from my new friend Nan’s blog, Pots and Pins. Check her out- her recipes are fantastic, and she was a cheerleader for me as my neighbor in Houston…)

AWOL Mama logging in from my step-dad’s computer. I really need to get myself a laptop- this is such a drag!

I promise I won’t talk about Market anymore for a while, but I wanted to share this picture. This a shot of about one-twelfth the size of the floor at Houston market. Honestly, in three solid days I didn’t even make it down every aisle. It was insane. And the talent! Oh my goodness, the talent was just incredible.

Houston. Houston was good to me. Aside from the horrifying, ghastly weather, Houston is a nice place. But, oh, the weather is a BIG problem. The food was awesome- seriously, Houston is kind to Foodies. It is NOT kind to people with curly hair, however.

I flew into the biggest storm of the year to hit California yesterday morning. The airline was actually offering vouchers at the gate in Denver if anyone wanted to wait out the storm and catch a “less bumpy” flight. Yes, they said that over the intercom. And it was. It was whiteout most of the way- very strange sensation, being able to see nothing out your window at 38,000 feet, while you bounced and bumped along. The flight attendants didn’t even serve drinks- they had to stay buckled-up. Not a good flight if you didn’t enjoy flying. I was fine.

My kids are in great shape. Grandma and grandpa and granddad have done a great job. The kids are hanging on me more than normal, but I missed them so much I don’t mind.

I’m hitting up my favorite Indian restaurant this evening with my cousin. I just cannot get food like this in the northwest. Tomorrow I hit up LaBamba on the peninsula.  I’m also trying to hook up with my friend Rebecca and her kids, as well as my cousin Heather, whom y’all know.

I ADORE the way Texans say “thank you”- and I can see how you could pick up a Texan accent quickly and without meaning to- It’s melodic and addictive… thank yeeeww. And they said I had an accent. Yeah, suuuuuure.

My i-pod really made the airplane trip less of a drag. How cool is it to have 1000 songs at my fingertips? Thank-yeeeew, Mo!

There is much to tell, but for now, I must hold me peace. I’ll be home on Saturday.

14 thoughts on “Random Crap: Travel Edition

  1. I cannot believe you flew through that mess! It was scary on the ground. Whew!

    I’m glad the kids are doing well and having a good time with your family. Still sending prayers.

  2. I like hearing about Houston and Market! I’m glad you survived the flight, I would have been sick as a dog! And because there are a lot of transplants where I am, I was very disappointed when we moved here that there weren’t more people with accents!

  3. Your hair comment cracked me up. Know why? I had GREAT hair back home in Texas, move to Idaho and now Montana and I have no idea what to do with it. Go home to visit and I remember that I do love my hair… then I return back to MT….


  4. HSF- I’m so glad you are liking the reports. When I get home, and have my usb cable, there will be more pictures.

    Em- yes, it’s nice to have a little happiness in my voice.

    Kellie- thanks!

    BD- yeah, that food was fantastic. Where’re we going tonight? 😉

    Jami- Yeah, it was pretty dang bouncy. If I was a nervous flier (or if my kids had been with me) I would have been sick.

    JS- Yeah, I wondered if you’d picked up an accent yet!

    Melzie- you must not have curly hair!

  5. That picture is fabulous – but only one-twelfth of the floor?! Dang! No wonder you had nerves the first day!

    I’m so glad that Houston went so well for you and that you are reunited with your kids and extended family. Y’all must be sending the storm eastward; it’s been raining all week. I will expect the thunderstorms shortly and find where my youngest hid the flashlights…

    Like so many of your fans, I anxiously await more pictures and details of your amazing trip. And I continue to pray for you and your family.

  6. I loved seeing you and the kids yesterday. I will say it again; please move next door to me!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about Houston (since we didn’t make it that far yesterday). I can’t wait to see the fabric you made, as well as the stuff that is going to come out this fall. You, Anna Marie Horner, Amy Butler….. sigh. Makes me want to sew again!

  7. It was SO good to hang out with you at the park, Bek. When my friends asked Jeffrey and Bean what their favorite part of Grandma’s was, they both said “Playing in the water at the park!” Hmmmm…. they’re so easy to please sometimes….

    I wish, like always, that we had more time. You’re sweet to put me in the same boat with Amy Butler, but lets not jump the gun!

  8. Tracy- I do- crazy curly like yours in the pictures you’ve shared. I think it’s more that I grew up there and know what to do. While here, I have no idea how to get rid of being so dried up! 🙂

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