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This picture was taken the night before the show opened. You would not believe some booths- I mean, shipping crates after shipping crates arriving with furniture, props and beautiful things. I felt like such the ugly duckling- me and my two Southwest-allowable suitcases. That’s it. All I had. I even had to borrow pins from my neighbor to hang my quilts. How sad is that? A quilter who didn’t bring pins. All of my booth shots are from before the convention center laid down the screaming-red aisle carpet that night.  I was shaking in my boots. Little fish, big sea. Yeah.


Here’s the other angle- you might recognize the birthday banners- it was the one frivolous thing I was able to stuff in the suitcases. The night before, I had the bathroom scale in the kitchen, and was repacking the bags at midnight because they were over- I got them to 49.8 pounds… by the skin of my teeth.


The table skirt and drapery were borrowed, and my scary midnight run to scary Houston Voldemart netted the hand sanitizer and candy. I forgot a bowl though, and used my roll of stickers to hold treats. Classy. Oh yeah. Have I mentioned how nervous and scared I was?  Terrified doesn’t even come close to how I felt. But you know what? I can do scary things.  I can do things which make me shake in my boots, and come out better than before.

I have a million ideas for next time. The learning curve was steep, but I had a folder full of sketches before the show even opened. It was a very good experience.

And then here, for comparison, is Heather Bailey’s booth:


Oh yeah. And that IS Heather herself standing there. Her booth is literally four times the size of mine. And it wasn’t even close to the biggest or fanciest- Now can you see why I felt like the country mouse?  Like I was totally in over my head?And yet I did it. It’s done. I lived.

And maybe- no, certainly- something good will come of it. People liked my stuff. People were kind to me, and an awful lot of folks had good feedback and even kudos me… Me, the tiny fish in the big scary sea.  Exhaling now…

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24 thoughts on “Houston Market Photos

  1. Yeah, but HB is, like, almost not human she’s so gifted, and pretty much anybody would feel pale in comparison whether they actually were of not. And yet, I love her and all her awesome stuff. Plus, she’s been doing this for years and years. You’re booth looked great and your designs are so fantastic! I would be happy to have any of them hanging in my home. You are just as talented and now you know more for next year.

  2. How cool! So proud of you! With everything stacking up against you you did it. Most would have crawled back in bed.
    I think it looks awesome! I am really happy you are living your passion.So glad you Blog this stuff as you/we can all look back on your growth.

  3. Oh and I wantyed to say, sometimes less is more. I know when i go to these shows some of the booths have so much “stuff” props and what not. The average hobbyist that I am, gets overwhelmed with too much stuff and not really sure what I am supposed to be looking at.
    In your booth it is clear what you are offering…just my 2 cents

  4. Funny, while I was looking at the first picture and before I read your paragraph, I actually said to myself — no lie, not just to make you feel good — “Wow, that is an inviting booth. People will walk in there and feel right at home — better than home. It looks like she has been doing this for years.”

    Tracy, everything about your designs — their colors, shapes, symbols — is warm and homey and inviting. For your designs, you didn’t want a booth that looked like that other one, where I couldn’t tell what she was displaying for purposes of the show and what was just background clutter. It looks like she’s trying to mimic home life with windows and hanging laundry, but it feels cold and slick. I much prefer yours. No kidding.

    I also started to say, “Oh, that beehive is my fav– no, look at the Christmas one — and those jack o’lanterns — and that turkey — and the sunflower — and — and — and — ”

    There’s one I wish I could get a better look at — the blue and brown one on the left. I can’t make out the figures from the angles of the photographs, but there’s something about the arrangement that is intriguing somehow.

    Bravo. No wonder you were a success.

  5. everything is beautiful. i have to agree with Ardis. your booth is inviting and “home.” and I thought the exact same thing about that other booth (can’t even remember the name) — where exactly is her product? i’ve done the NYC gift show as a purchaser, and let me tell you, your booth would have me in and talking to you.

    your work is creative and beautiful. do you sell to the common man/woman? 🙂

  6. Thank you all.

    Deb, I appreciate your thoughts.

    And Ardis, your words a balm. Thank you. I’m trying to figure out which one you are thinking of, and I can send you a photo…

  7. You fit all of that in two suitcases!?!?
    Huge wow.
    Maybe next time I can come with you? It sounds like such a cool experience! (And I would totally work my butt off for you….)

  8. Tracy – Your booth looks fantastic!! Hairshoefairy is right, all those big, gorgeous booths with fluff and props didn’t start out that way. They started right where you are –with fantastic product.

    So excited for the road ahead of you.

  9. It’s the one tapering to a point at the bottom, with three tabs at the top (for hanging on a bar, I suppose). I can’t tell whether the figures are fluffy sheep with dark faces, or dark-skinned girls in white dresses, or white rabbits with brown neck ribbons, or something completely other. I like the colors and the contrast and just want to know what I’m looking at.

    I like the bunny on the quilt just above it, too — like so many of your shapes, he’s stylized but recognizable and not *cutesy.* Very interesting shapes throughout your designs.

  10. Ardis, it’s a pile of snowmen with red scarves on… I’m email you a photo.

    Thanks everyone for all of your nice words. I did everything in my power- the rest was not up to me. And yes, ALL THAT fit in two suitcases. I carried on my clothes and toiletries. 😉

  11. I agree with Ardis — your designs have a wonderful appeal because they are “homey” without being “cutesy.” They make me want to brew a hot cup of chai and watch the snow fall. They have warm familiar themes, but a flash of energy and sass.

    I’m glad your God-given talent will have a chance to shine before a wider audience. You have to believe you were meant to let that light SHINE . . . 😉

  12. I love the baby Jesus banner on the right “wall”. Actually, I love them all, but that was the one I thought: Oh, I’d like that in my home! Maybe someday…

    (And I saw on your updates that you are all sick. My extreme sympathy.)

  13. The quilts are so beautiful. I love them all, especially the Nativity one. Glad things went so well. I love the booth, what was important was the designs, not all the stuff to make it look fancy.

  14. I didn’t read through everyones comments yet, but had to say that I LOVED YOUR BOOTH! For the fact that it was warm and welcoming. The other booth to me was distracting. Pretty yes, but I wouldn’t know what to look at first, or what she was even selling (I’ve never even heard of her) If I came upon your booth I would know exactly what your style was and it would be easy on the eyes. Does any of this make sense yet? No? O.k i’ll stop talking! 🙂

  15. The beehive quilt is amazing. Something about the way the hive is darker at the bottom and gets lighter at the top just makes it pierce my heart. I want it!

    Your stuff is so artistic! I’m really impressed. I’m sure everyone at the show saw it as well. I expect you’ll get lots of business.

  16. Oh Tracy, they are beautiful…all of them. You are a woman of many talents, because your paintings are equally beautiful!
    Hope you and your kiddos get better quickly, and glad the RS is there to help, that is what they are there for. Humbling, yes, but you will get a chance to return the favor to someone else in need. Now is your time!
    Continued prayers…

  17. Ahhhh! I was TOTALLY AT THE QUILT FESTIVAL IN HOUSTON! I saw your booth! I thought it was adorable then and now. I didn’t put two and two together until just now. I don’t think you need to worry so much, people understand what it’s like to be the “small fish” and I don’t think that they thought less of you for it. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you’ve got some amazing talent! I love the christmas sampler! And the house one is sooooo cute, but I can’t tell what it says under LOVE. You picked the perfect placement for the beehive, it’s very eye catching. I remember pointing that out to my mom, and commenting on how clever the name of your booth was 🙂 Seriously, as a hard core quilter, I saw NOTHING wrong with your booth. Like others above me have said: people around you might have had bigger booths, but yours is sweet and inviting which is something you just can’t fake!

    On another note, I’m sorry to hear about the struggles you’re currently facing. I hope and pray that you’ll have the strength you need at this time.

    Christina McKinney

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