braveryThree banks. It took three different banks for me to open my own account yesterday. But it’s done, and I’m with a credit union. That’s a good thing. I’m not naming names or anything, but all you big banks? The ones bailed out by my insane tax dollars? You all can bite me. Yay for little credit unions and free checking! A bank that rhymes with Schmace wanted to charge me $25 annually for a DEBIT card. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? Yeah. Walked out.

Working on business contacts and trying to keep my name in the forefront of people’s minds post Houston. Also, I have two web gurus working on a website and design for me. I’m thinking of some changes around there, and am thinking really hard about launching under my own name. My design work has been under the name Eye of the Needle, and I do clothing and diaper bags under Dandelion Mama, and obviously the blog. I’m Tracy M at all of them- but I’m thinking of making Tracy M the umbrella, and making EotN and DM subsidiaries under the umbrella of Me. It’s a big step- but I’ll tell you why…

I’ve worked hard for other people in my life- for two companies, back in my career days, I gave my blood, and both are still using work I designed/wrote/styled and drew. They are still making money, in their names, ten-plus years later, from my work. That’s fine- that’s the way it works when you are a salaried employee- I get that. But after the last one, I swore next time I worked that hard, it would be under MY name.

So, do I keep a shell-name for my companies and remain a somewhat anonymous Oz behind the curtain, pulling all the strings and making all the decisions? Or, do I pull out all the stops and brand myself as the Name? I’m leaning, substantially, toward the later.

But… but… but nothing. I can do whatever I want. Scary things don’t scare me anymore.

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19 thoughts on “Bravery

  1. Brand the name baby! Good luck! I’m so excited to watch you on this new adventure!

    I love credit unions. I hate banks. I once had a bank tell me I had to keep $200 in a
    savings account that I could never touch! I’m pretty sure I laughed all the way out the

  2. I say brand yourself as the Name. Then, eventually, when the rest of the world that doesn’t read your blog realizes how awesome and amazing and talented you are, they will know you by your name, just like Heather Bailey, and Amy Butler.

  3. Be the Name! Be the Name! This is so exciting. And one day when you’re as big as Heather Bailey, we’ll all say we knew you when…

  4. My vote is for the name. EofN and DM were also created in a different life that changed to something exciting and new a couple of weeks ago. Put yourself in the now 🙂

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