Folding Stuffing Shipping


This afternoon I picked up the first batch of my patterns to ship from Houston.  It’s exciting and a lot of work- but this is busy work- Folding, stuffing, shipping, and hopefully, repeat.  And repeat again.

I’m hoping there’s some good TV on tonight, because I’m going to folding for a long time… That’s a good thing. A very good thing. Keep placing orders, all you stores! I promise, if you make a sample, you will sell scads of my stuff!

7 thoughts on “Folding Stuffing Shipping

  1. So how does this all work? The only thing I sew are buttons. 🙂

    You send them a pattern you’ve designed, they make a sample (like the one in the picture?), and every time someone buys your pattern from the store, they send you a percentage? Is that right?

    Hope there was something on TV for you!

  2. The stores buy the patterns I’ve written from me. I have written them, tested them, and had htem printed and packaged all cute like, and I send them to the store. The store (often) then makes a sample, and ladies flock in, love the quilt, and purchase a pattern. Repeat. 😉

    This is pattern 19 of 23, with a dozen more in the hopper for next year.

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