Random Crap: Halloween Edition!

vintage-halloween-little-girl-witch-pumpkin-black-cat-card1I hate carving pumpkins. It’s true. I do. I hate pumpkin guts, and the way they smell is just vile. I do like pumpkin seeds, but I can buy those in a nice little bag at the store. I’m hoping the kids will just forget about the whole pumpkin-carving thing this year and be happy with the plug-in Jacks on the porch.

Last night my old RS president brought me over three Kerr jars full of pie filling she made. Guess what I’ve been eating? That, and Boursin. The grocery store had Boursin marked down to $2.99- so of course I had to get them all. Added to the three-pack my friend brought me from Costco.

It’s  a Folding and Stuffing party at my place tonight- just as soon as I get the kids in bed! Shipping drop d-day is tomorrow, no ifs ands or buts about it. It’s exciting. I pick up the rest of the job from my printer this afternoon.

Our church Halloween party is Friday night, and all I have to do is show up. There are some seriously wonderful hidden benefits to being a member of my church. Free Halloween is but only one…

Beanie is into spilling the Nog of Egg lately. Yesterday, he dropped a whole jug on the floor in the dining room- which caused many tears and great consternation. Then today, at the market to replace said jug, he drops the carton on the frozen food aisle, and it splits wide open on the side seam. We are clearly not meant to have eggnog.

The kids had their first visit last night with their dad since the divorce. It went surprisingly well- with not a lot of emotional post-visit fall out. Yay for tender mercies.

There are about three feet of fallen leaves in my backyard. If I wasn’t deathly allergic to black leaf mold, I would be out there- but playing in the leaves is a guaranteed trip to the ER for me. I even have to strip the kids’ clothes if they play in them, and immediately wash ’em.

I am SO not ready for the holidays this year- despite the stores yelling at me that I should really be hanging the mistletoe already. And for the record? There will be NO mistletoe in this house this year!

I’m thinking of boycotting Fakey Fakerson this year and opting for a real tree. Mr Fakey is nice and all, but his smell leaves something to be desired. At least he’s not pink.

By the way, I’m changing my last name back.

Why are there only ho costumes for women in the stores? You can be a witch ho, a devil ho, a maid ho, a princess ho, a pirate ho, a space alien ho, a cheerleader ho, a fairy ho, a medieval ho, a hippie ho, a frankenbride ho, a ghost ho, a vampire ho, a zombie ho,  ho ho ho…

Have a Happy Halloween at your house too!

17 thoughts on “Random Crap: Halloween Edition!

  1. If it isn’t a ‘ho’ costume, it is a cheap crap costume! I absolutely loathe sewing clothes but after this year, I have no choice. I made a cloak for little J and bought the girls, but even had to sew A’s back together after it’s first wear at Trunk or Treat. They are horrible!

    As for the pumpkins, just take out the paint. The kids can paint a scary/happy face on a pumpkin instead. I know a lot of people that do that instead.

  2. I second the paint…I cleaned out the pumpkins this year when the kids were too grossed out by the inards…
    Yay for random crap! It is nice to know “normal” life continues.

    May you continue to have tender mercies!

  3. I was going to suggest paint too. We did that a couple years ago. Acrylic paint in white and green and a black sharpie to put Frankenstein or Ghost eyes on and your good.

    Gotta love the ward Halloween party. Ours is Friday too. My question is – why not do it on Halloween? Why the day before? Oh, well.

  4. Totally agree about ho ho Halloween. My kids got the costume store ad out of the Sunday paper and showed me what they wanted – SCAREY, and not because of the blood and guts. I promptly tossed it, waited a week, and then asked them what they wanted to be. A ghost and a vampire. I’m sewing them myself. It’s fun, you don’t have to be precise because it’s just a costume, and then it lasts long enough for next year or to stay in the dress-up box.

    Will changing your last name make branding your products more complicated?

  5. I don’t think so, since I really haven’t gone national on a website yet. Most of you all don’t know what the “M” stood for anyway, and the family name I am going back to is also an “M” name. So I think it will be fine.

  6. you forgot a nun ho. yes there is one. my SIL pointed one out to me. that stinks about the eggnog. yay! for tender mercies, hope alot more come your way.

  7. I’m curious about the last name thing. I’ve been thinking about doing the same, I really like my maiden name and really don’t want to keep his. Have you looked into what it’ll take to do that. And what about the whole kids having a different last name thingy? Just wondering.
    Oh and totally agree on the costumes. Three years ago I found a pair of wings and handband thing for a butterfly at JoAnn’s for $5 and last year I found a karate outfit at DI. So this is the second year for both costumes but the kids don’t care because they are at different school so no one’s seen their costumes.

  8. If I do it as part of the divorce, it’s included in that process. If I wait and file on my own after the fact, it’s a couple of hundred dollars.

    I have thought about the kids, but in this day, I don’t think it’s such a big deal. They know who their mom is, and I hope to make them proud someday.

  9. Tracy, I’m sorry if I made it sound like I was questioning your decision. Totally not, it’s something that I’ve thought about doing, and wasn’t sure how. The biggest question in my mind is would it be hard for my kids not having the same last name. But you are right that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal in today’s world. I didn’t realize I could make that part of the divorce, I’ll have to talk to my attorney about it. One more thing to add to the list. Thanks for bringing it up, something to really think about.

  10. Oh, and I’m positive that your kids are going to be proud of you, if they aren’t already. You are a great mom and example to them!

  11. If I want to dress up for Halloween I always pull out some of the medieval garb I made during the days I actually had time to do stuff like that. But I found really cute costumes for the kids at the Old Navy Outlet (well designed, well made, cute, and only $13 each). They’re going to be rocking as a tiger, a lion, and a monkey. (It’s easier to find good pre-made costumes when you can still shop in the baby department for all of them.)

    Also, I don’t think the kids will really be affected by you having a different last name. It’s pretty common these days. Just don’t get offended if someone knows your kid but not you, and so refers to you as Mrs. TheirLastName (not that I think you would). I don’t mind people correcting me if I make a mistake like that (someone who’s remarried, or even someone whose husband I know but who has kept their last name or whatever), but I can’t understand if they get offended — it’s not like I’m intimately familiar with their family situation. Also, it’s great that your maiden name is an M name too — so convenient!

  12. Thundercats, HO! okay had to say it 😛

    My heart goes out to you momma, you’re in my thoughts and prayers, always.

    i don’t know if you know, but Mike has a different last name. over the years he has wanted to change it and then would change his mind again. Kids at school would ask why is his name different and it bothered him a little. Now that he’s 14 he still wants to change it, but i told him when he’s 18 and he still wants to, then i will support him and help him do it. i also reminded him, the name doesn’t matter we are family and love each other and will always be there for each other regardless of our name. and threw in the fact that his aunties have different names too and we are all still family.
    now that he is in ROTC he wants him name tapes to be the same as Ant’s, i think kids just have to go thru these things, it’s a process like everything else, but as long as we remind them what’s important, they will be able to deal with it all just fine.

    • Hey V- thanks for the pep talk. Didn’t know that about Michael- it’s cool that he wants Ant’s name on his tapes. You’ve done good, mama! I know it will ultimately be no big deal. I kind of envy some of the Latin cultures where the women keep their names. Miss you tons. Can I send Michael some more single socks this year?? 🙂

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