Post Office Mayhem

If my computer hadn’t crashed and I could still upload photos, you could see my dining room table absolutely sagging under the weight of patterns being packed. You could see shipping boxes stacked, and maybe even a shot of the little hand-written note of thanks I put in each box. You could see Abby helping me load the packages in the Suburban to take to the post office, while wearing her new hand-me-down Lellie Kellie shoes, of which she is preposterously proud.

You could see me, balancing my purse, keys, phone and a three-year old while I try and carry ten boxes into the oh-so-helpful post office, and then you could see Abby pulling on my arm whining that she has to go potty right now. You could see me dragging the postal cart out to my car, in the rain (of course) to unload the rest of the boxes to ship, and then you could see the postal lady tell me I had not used the flat-rate shipping boxes, and it was going to be $25.14 per box, unless I wanted to unpack and re-pack them in the flat-rate boxes.

Then you would see Abby pee on the floor of the post office, and me sopping it up with wipes from my purse. There might be a photo of me, now disheveled and messy, kneeling and re-packing my boxes with a pair of kids scissors and the roll of flimsy tape the post office lady loaned me, because the flat-rate box was only $14.25, and I had ten of them. My math skills are not good, but even I could see that was a no-brainer.

Then you would see my whole purse dump out on the floor at the post office while I tried to find my debit card, just as the lady who owns the print-shop that does my pattern printing walks in, and she wants to chat, as I stand amid mutilated cardboard boxes, torn tissue, and pee-spots on the post-office floor.

If only I’d had a camera…

Everything shipped today. Onward and upward…

22 thoughts on “Post Office Mayhem

  1. What is with 3 year olds needing to pee at the most inconvenient times? Also? The post office can really suck sometimes. I’m glad they at least told you about the flat rate boxes. What a nightmare. I hate outings like that. It eventually gets to the point where I’m practically in tears and just want to pack everything up, go home, and try another day. I’m glad you were able to get everything off today and lived to tell the tale.

  2. You are a super trooper
    (lights are gonna find me….)

    Sometimes I think small children should never be taken anywhere. But kept home and naked at all times.
    (That seems to be the only state in which Sir O is potty-trainable anyway)

    But hey, hooray for having wipes in your purse, no?

  3. Also, you can order boxes from (flat rate) and they will deliver a bundle to your home, for free…so you don’t even have to make the trip to pick them up.

  4. Oh, this makes me so excited for the holidays when I’ll have boxes to ship. Maybe I’ll put off potty training another month or two. Yikes!

  5. laugh or cry? definitely both. just remember, we all have our certain amount of alloted days like that – you just checked another one off your list – today has got to be better, right?

  6. Nope. Not a one. Actually, there was a guy in line behind me that was clearly annoyed at my mess and lack of planning, and the fact that I had a small child in public. 😉

  7. “Everything shipped today.”

    So, in the end, this was a post about success, right? *grin*

    I second the suggestion to order boxes online and have them shipped free of charge to your house. It’s wonderful!

    toggle over “postage & options” – click on “flat-rate envelopes and boxes

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