Dios De Los Muertes

Happy Day of the Dead. November is here! You know what that means, right? Uh, nothing- except that October was a doozy for me this  year, and I’m glad to tear down the calendar page, so to speak.  November is time for family birthdays, getting really cold, and nesting down for winter.  I’ve always kind of liked the Latin tradition of gathering family and friends together to celebrate our departed loved ones- especially after the macabre mess that is All Hallow’s Eve. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

3 thoughts on “Dios De Los Muertes

  1. And in celebration of Day of the Dead, here in Malta, my kids don’t have school Monday and Tuesday…huh? You don’t leave your house the first three days of November. What am I supposed to do with them?! Darn superstitious people!

  2. Ahh, the monster face! Yes, it is true. It fits…the chaos mess of my house, and we are only partway through the first day and I tried to keep them occupied making dinner and two types of cookies. But all is quiet for quiet time and a nap for the baby…counting my blessings.

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