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healthcareDenied. I’m in a pickle. I know some folks think socialized medicine is worse than genocide, and some think it’s the answer to everyone’s prayers. I don’t know either way. Here is what I do know: I am a mother of three, and I have no health insurance. According to the little charts the health insurance companies use to determine if you can pay them through the nose to be covered on one of their plans, I am uninsurable. No one. NO ONE will insure me. Why? Because 9 years ago, my doctor found a pea-sized cyst in the middle of my brain. It’s been determined it is nothing, and I have had an annual MRI each year to make sure it stays “nothing”. So far, so good. But…

Because of this, and because I have had asthma since infancy (well controlled, I might add), I am utterly, completely without an option. When I say NO ONE will insure me, I mean NO ONE. The only possible way for me to get insurance is to remarry, and get put on a policy of my spouse.

That, my friends, sucks. It’s wrong. So we can argue all day if medical coverage for everyone is a death sentence to America, or if it’s a right, or if the sky is in fact green today. It doesn’t change the fact that I am screwed until somthing changes. And that is not right.

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  1. Amen! this is why people are fighting so hard for it! I am one who will be heavily taxed for it, but I still believe it is the right thing to do.

  2. My husband is in the same situation; he works full-time, but for a company that doesn’t provide benefits. And no one will cover him because he’s had skin cancer. So not cool. Have you looked into state options? Some states have coverage that will take everyone and will require to pay for part of the premium.

  3. I could write volumes on this subject. Thor is in a very intimate place to see just how insurance companies work and how they get paid, and how much. Just FYI: for those in the know, who happen to still be on the side of the working poor/middle class, they ALL are for socialized medicine.

    Health care is a right not a privilege in *my* opinion. No one should be left out.

    I rode in a car today with a woman who fears socialized medicine would allow those in charge of making her medical payments to decide what treatments she will receive and what she won’t be allowed. Big Clue: If you are paying into ANY U.S. Insurance company for medical coverage, those decisions are being made for you already.

    Good Luck Tracy. You have my heart felt hopes that health care comes your way soon.

  4. I agree that our health system is broken and believe everyone deserves insurance as a part of our social contract. However, in the meantime, check to see if your state has a high risk pool for insurance. Furthermore, don’t forget that you don’t need to re-marry to get health insurance–you could get a job with bennys too!!!

  5. Flubes, I could do that. I could. Then I would have day care costs for three kids, too- all with no alimony or child support. Rock, meet hard place.

    On the up, my business is starting to look bright- or at the very least, hopeful.

  6. Do you qualify for state medical benefits yet? As you move through your assets for living expenses, you might qualify when you didn’t before.

  7. It’s on my list of things to check out, Jami. I have to head down to DSHS and I just hate going down there. What I really, really want is to make enough money to buy my own policy. Oh, but that’s right- even with unlimited cash, NO ONE will insure me!

    Yeah, hopefully I’ll qualify for something…

  8. I just found out today that while my children will remain on the soon to be ex’s insurance he doesn’t have to contuine to cover me. That sucks the big one. I’m hoping to go back to school in Jan. So maybe I’ll quailfy for something through the school, but if not then crap. I so don’t want to have to pay for my rx’s without insurance.
    Hopefully you can get something through dshs, I guess that’s something else for me to look into.

  9. Tracy I’d be surprised if you didn’t qualify for something through the state, although I am intimately acquainted with the nightmare of applying for it.

  10. Hi Tracy.
    I´ve been reading you since I struggled with my masters report 1 1/2 years ago. You really helped me get thru it! I would write some and then promise myself if I wrote some more, I could read some more – you have an enormous talent as a writer. You nail down the feelings you have in good times and in bad and the things I can´t express in a million years thru song, dance or tuba-playing.
    I wanted to let you know I´m one of the lurkers out there who loves you (don´t freak out by this from a stranger:-)) and who loves to read you. I´m very, very sorry for you heartache right know and send all my best and healing thoughts from Europe

  11. In the state of Texas a mother can get kids covered via the state, but mother can’t be. Period. So there’s the bad news of one state.. I went 5 yrs with no insurance praying for nothing horrible to happen…

    Your note, reminds me why I have to work hard to bite my tongue when my sister complains at what tri0care won’t cover instead of throwing up her hands in joy at the repeat $150,000 surgeries my middle nephew endures every 6 months.

    Good luck– look for sunny days! It’s amazing how it works out- really, I swear.

  12. I’m not a fan of universal coverage but what you’ve described is exactly what you said–wrong. It’s my biggest problem with the current system.

    And I feel for you–three months now, no paycheck yet and last night Andrew was in the emergency room. While our coverage it so high we’ll be paying every dime ourselves for this visit I guess I should at least be glad we have coverage? Is that my silver lining? 🙂 Nice way to drop $6,000. That we have just lying around.

  13. Tracy – if you have a good lawyer (and if your ex-husband had a job!), you could work out a settlement agreement that requires your ex-husband to carry you and your children on his employer-sponsored health insurance.

  14. My DH works in insurance too, but he sees only woe and sorrow in a government managed program. Eventually all private insurance will be priced out of the market because the government can subsidize prices with tax dollars while private insurance can’t. In my book that’s a monopoly, even if it is run by the government. Don’t like DSHS? That’s what our insurance system will look like in 5-10 years.

    On the flip side, my sister and her family deals with being uninsurable too. Her husband owns his own business and had cancer (in remission for more than a decade), she’s had depression and her son as Asberger’s. They have found a stop-gap solution. It is a plan that gives you the same prices the insurance companies get. You know how you look at your insurance statement and see the sticker price, then the insurance price which is about 40% less? That’s what they pay. It isn’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing. Email me if you want details.

    I also worry that messing with an industry that is actually doing well during a time of recession is a recipe for more financial disaster.

    Something does need to be done, but I’m not sure government universal coverage is it. Did you know it will be at least 3 years until the plan goes into effect, if it is passed?

    Rant over 🙂

  15. Oy – that is completely unacceptable! Fortunately living in Canada that is not even a worry here. I know so many Americans are against government run health care but in 32 years I have nothing but good things to say about it. There are obviously issues with all systems but everything is covered here and we never even have to think about or worry about getting sick or going to the Dr/hospital. I am sorry you are going through this – it is just unfair!

  16. What about Medicaid? I mean, if you do end up in the hospital, that’s who is going to foot a lot of the bill anyway, right? I don’t really know much about medicaid, but I do know people who were unemployed with 8 children who somehow managed to get a ‘free’ C-section through medicaid. Medicaid also paid for my D&C when we had zilch (and try getting insurance when you’re pregnant–oy!) Seems that’s the stop-gap measure for sucky situations.

  17. All I want is for the government to pass a law saying that if I’m willing to pay for the insurance they have to sell it to me – end of story. It’s ridiculous that I’m willing to pay the premiums but me and my daughter are completely uninsurable.

    As for getting a job with benefits … Did you know that you can incorporate your own company, hire one other “employee”, and then the two of you can purchase corporate insurance. It may be a little pricey, but you can’t be excluded for pre-existing conditions since it’s through your “work.” I’ve known a number of people to have a home-based business and hire one other employee whose pay is basically the health insurance.

  18. Check out and I hear that Zander Insurance has good luck finding insurance for people who are “uninsurable”.

    Good luck!

  19. Tracy, I know how you feel. My husband is considered uninsurable (cancer, insomnia, depression). At one point we owed over $70,000 for one surgery. I thought we were going to have to file for bankruptcy. at the time we had catastrophe insurance, and after fighting them for a year, they paid out. I do have a job that provides us with insurance, but I also feel like I can never leave me job because of this.
    Also, let me tell all of the haters of socialized medicine, it is not the scary ghoul people in the US made it out to be. I lived in Canada for the first 18 years of my life (I have now lived in the US for 9 years). yes, it does have its disadvantages. yes, there are longer waits for some things. But, no one in Canada is filing for bankruptcy because they can’t pay their medical bills. Medical insurance in Canada is a right. Let me emphasize again, it is not perfect. But I would trade it any day for not being insured. You do get treatment for the things you need. There are some great doctors in Canada. Most people who are against it have always had insurance. I just say, wait till someone in your family gets sick.

  20. I would check into Medicaid. Some states will not cover mothers while others will cover unmarried mothers… all medical plus dental benefits might be available in your area. I say its worth it to jump thru the hoops and take care of yourself. After all, you need to be healthy and have peace of mind since you are single parent of 3, right??

  21. I’m against the public option, but your case is why some kinds of reforms are needed. The opening of state lines to by insurance the way life, auto, and homeowners insurance is. The ability to pick and choose what things need to be covered. The greater ability of employers to start HSA rather than flex plans. The more options people have the better the competition.

    I was worried about health insurance several years ago when my husband I moved to WI and I was pregnant. I found out there the laws are such that when employed they can’t throw on existing preexisting clauses, it is only if you refuse it and pick it up again can they do that. I know it doesn’t help in your case, but some states have addressed the issues, and I think there are more things we can do with out the government getting into the business of insurance. I started nursing in 1986, and because of the rules of medicare and medicaid you can say that is how the insurance companies get away with non payment and preexisiting conditions. The government started the mess we are in today, I don’t expect they will be able to improve it.

    If what I read today even if someone had HSA or FLEX plans under the Pelosi bill you will not be able to use that money for prescriptions except diabetic supplies.

    I do know there are lots of people out there that manage without insurance, and bartering for care since they are self pay. I don’t know how they manage, but they do. I wish I had some links to give you but I don’t remember them. If you have face book, I think there is a group called “What’s the real cost” I think that is where I have seen people talking about getting off insurance and becoming completely self pay.

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