Crazy Chicken Beanie

These pictures make me really happy. There isn’t a ton of joy around our house these days, no matter how hard I try and keep things normal. So this morning when a friend asked the kids over to play, and some of her chickens had gotten lose from their pen, Beanie was in heaven. The boy loves him some chickens, and he chased them around the yard until he wrangled both the freedom hens into his eager arms.


Their names were Stella and Big Mama. He floated on air the rest of the day… I’ll take the victories, small though they may be, wherever I can get them.


Aaaaaaand there’s that smile again. Dang if he’s not caught unawares, it just takes over his face…

12 thoughts on “Crazy Chicken Beanie

  1. Wonderful pictures! Eric does look really happy. Did it bring back some good old childhood memories for you! We did have a few of those big red hens. :0)

  2. Mom, occasionally I toy with the idea of getting a couple of hens, then I remember… that rooster we had was so mean! But Bean would be happier with a pet chicken than he would be with a dog.

  3. Awesome! And really, some of the best pets are other peoples pets! That’s what my parents once told us after or dog “went to a good home”. You never have to feed them, clean up after them, etc., you just play with them!

  4. I have been following your story for a short while, and I am amazed at your fortitude through this difficult time. I have so many other things I wish to say, but lack the vocabulary to say it without sounding silly or rude. Instead I will say this: I am so glad your little boy was able to derive some pure joy from chickens. It is those little things that count.

  5. good boy. Try remember that “normal” is relative. From what I am told, these are the best years, so for better or worse, keep soaking them up! Love these pics Tracy.

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