In the Last 24 Hours

  • I had a melt-down about  kids not listening, and then sat on the floor crying with all three of them in my lap. That’s 200 pounds of kid. In my lap. On the floor in the dining room.
  • The kids bathroom toilet upstairs overflowed, but Beanie forgot to tell me. I found it when I went to run the nighttime baths and stepped in it. In sock feet.
  • I threw the towels away that I used to clean up. I did. I couldn’t bear to deal with more poop.
  • Someone who used to live here threw away all- yes, ALL- of our toilet plungers, and I had to borrow one from my 90 year-old neighbor.
  • When I went to hang the towels up post-bath, the towel rack fell out of the wall. It wasn’t even lose. So of course it fell.
  • My computer crapped out again- I have internet, but I have nothing else. I can’t do AR, AP or Invoice. I don’t have Word, and I don’t have any office aps.
  • Jeffrey crashed on Abby playing Shove the Mattress in the playroom, and now she is telling everyone her arms are broken. As hard as I look, I really don’t think they are.
  • Shove the Mattress is now banned. Forever.
  • Beanie had bad dreams and decided the way to relieve them was to glue himself to my side all night long. Imagine sleeping with a 50 pound  abalone sucked to your side.
  • I decided to ignore my life for the rest of the day and paint Christmas ornaments. It didn’t solve anything, but I sure felt more relaxed. Which does matter.
  • I didn’t manage to get out of my jammies until noon today. I was working, getting kids off to school, filling orders and had a conference call with my web-designers, who are in DC. (new website coming soon!) But I couldn’t manage to get out of my pink thermal moose jammies. They’re my favorite.
  • I cannot even think about Christmas yet, and yet it’s all my kids are already thinking about.
  • I wonder what the next 24 holds? One day at a time, indeed.

12 thoughts on “In the Last 24 Hours

  1. I have many, many days that look like your except in my days I am wearing red flannel Christmas pajamas with snowmen. I also find myself crafting when I just cannot handle doing anything else. Thank you for writing. I found your blog while searching for advice and support when I found myself in the unexpected position of going through a divorce 11 years into my eternal marriage. It is good to know there are others out there struggling, but getting through it with their dignity and their humor intact.

  2. I opt for playing pathwords until my eyes fall out when I have days like that.

    I wish I had some technical knowledge to pass on. Can Mo help? I know that Auctiva and PayPal and all those highfalutin auction places have an invoice portion of their programs. Any way you could use them?

    He threw out ALL of the plungers. With three kids in the house? That’s a sure sign that there’s a screw loose in there somewhere.

  3. Oof. That’s the sound/feeling of getting punched in the stomach. Like when your towel rack falls out and your toilet overflows and someone has thrown away all the toilet plungers and your computer crashes. It sounds like you dealt with the stress really well though – painting ornaments and staying in jammies. Whatever it takes. You are doing a great job.

  4. I have spent all week in jammies…3 sick kids at once will do that to you. But that is nothing. It is okay to stay in jammies. It is okay to forget the world for one day.
    Continued prayers and hoping things look up and go smoothly!
    Lots of love!

  5. I say all pajamas all the time! Who needs to get dressed? You did amazingly well – there would have been much more than tears here in our house had all that happened to me and I am not even in your same boat right now …..

  6. h.o.l.y.c.o.w. you have got to be kidding!

    soooooo sorry for your horrid day

    so, I have an idea for the computer situation. How about all of us, your loyal
    faithful readers who love you oh so very much each chip in money towards a new computer?
    I would be happy to start the giving at $25.

  7. Wow, Tracy, those 24 hours are ones you must be glad you don’t have to relive again. (Well, the experiences you might relive at some point, but those exact 24 hours are over and done. Thank goodness!)

    I have one of those abalone glued-to-my-side sleepers, too. She would sleep there every night if she was allowed, in the exact same centimeters of space I occupy. She also has declared she wants to live in the house next door when she grows up so she doesn’t ever have to leave Mom and Dad.

    Liz, what a wonderful idea to show our love and support for Tracy (computer assistance). I only wish I was in a situation where I could contribute.

  8. Oh Liz, what a sweetie! That you so much for the offer, and for being to kind and thoughtful. I might have a semi-new computer coming from someone in my ward. Keeping my fingers crossed, and well, you guys will know when I do! Thank you. Really.

  9. You should put a tip jar on your site, though, since the google ads crapped out on us. Google how to do it, I can’t think it would be that hard.

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