Some Things I Like Today

  • Glitter. At least right now. And I’ve got more glitter than Martha Stewart.
  • Glade Soy Candle in Fresh Pine and Cedar. Takes me back to my childhood.
  • The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit scented soap. I wish I had a vat of it.
  • The chore-chart I made for the kids, and that they are living up to it!
  • Ementhaler on Rye crackers. No wheat in RyeKrisp!
  • Hand crocheted or knit dishcloths. Superior in every way.
  • The fact that my kids have really nice school friends.
  • Jeffrey’s first male teacher. Mature, experienced, solid, kind- best thing ever.
  • That the Mo family is having Thanksgiving with me.
  • That my RS president told me she’s been divorced. I would never have known…
  • Cornmeal pizza crust from Vicolo Pizza.
  • My retro Swingline stapler and the boxes of staples I got at a yard sale this summer.
  • Clean bedsheets on all the beds in the house. Seems like I always sleep better then…
  • Cold water from my reusable water bottle carried with me constantly now.
  • Nice people at the grocery store who smile and talk to me or my kids
  • A friend of Jeffrey’s who was thoughtful enough to include Bean in their plans.
  • Scotch tape in a weighted dispenser.
  • Remembering all the Thursday morning breakfasts with my grandma I got to have.
  • The dryer humming softly to itself as it tumbles all my laundry clean.
  • Snow forecast for tonight.
  • Rannuculas
  • Sheet music on my piano that I kind of understand.
  • Finding packages in the front porch every now and then.
  • European stamps and the cool, recycled thin envelopes they use.
  • When Bean cuddles in my lap and lets me hug him.
  • Butterfly Kisses from Abby.
  • Jeffrey telling me over dinner that he thinks I’m a great mom.

13 thoughts on “Some Things I Like Today

  1. Awesome….can I get a copy of the chores list……;) My kids need to do more! Have a great day in the snow! It is gloomy here today….thinking of you, often.

  2. love it. sometimes little things like scotch tape dispensers really do make the world go round. 🙂

    RE your rs pres: i’m in a rs book group with a bunch of the more elderly ladies in our ward. and i’ve been surprised several times at their stories, insane mother, husband left after 6th baby was born, etc. you look at people–especially at church i think–and assume they have their act together and always have. when really shiz happens to everyone.

  3. Just a side note: if you’re gluten-free rather than wheat-free, you shouldn’t be having rye crackers. There’s gluten in rye, barley and spelt as well as in wheat.

  4. That’s great! I wish I could have rye crackers. Or barley in my soup. Or oatmeal. Although, really, a hunk of fresh homemade bread sounds the best. Ah well. At least I can still make all sorts of good Asian food over rice (which I do love).

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